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Booster device could raise tidal energy output by 200%

A tidal turbine booster device which was invented by an engineer in Northern Ireland could potentially double power outputs.

Larry Donaghey, who invented the so-called marine deflector, claims the device can increase the power output of marine turbines (tidal or river) by up to 200%.

The deflector is a simple device which increases the speed of water current flowing water through the tidal turbine. The result is greater force and more power,” Donaghey said.

“Technically known as marine deflectors, the device is comprised of a wall on either side of an operating turbine. The force of the flowing water is increased and accelerated which makes the turbine spin more efficiently and generate more power,” he added.

A UK patent has been granted on the deflector and another UK patent application has been made, the engineer said.

Source: ReNews

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