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BP SCP Expansion facility is on track for start-up in 2018

During the third quarter of 2017, SCP Expansion (SCPX) Project activities continued successfully along the pipeline route across Azerbaijan and Georgia.

BP reports that overall, 98 percent of the construction and commissioning scope for first gas is already completed.

In Azerbaijan, mainline construction is nearing completion with approximately 419km of pipe welded and 380km of backfill complete. All planned horizontal directional drilling activities – five in total, have also been completed. In addition, six hydrotest sections are also complete.

In Georgia, mainline construction is complete. Mainline commissioning is approximately 90 percent done and is on track for completion in 2017.

Main construction and commissioning works have continued at both of the compressor stations and the metering station. Compressor Station 1 construction is 100 percent complete with commissioning works approximately 67 percent done. The facility is on track for start-up in  2018.   In Compressor Station 2, construction works are approximately 82 percent complete. In the metering station (Area 81,) construction works are 100 percent complete, commissioning works are approximately 87 percent done and the facility is on track to achieve the readiness for introduction of hydrocarbons milestone in 2017.

Source: APA

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