Commissioning Experts will be brought onto the project in the early design stage, drafted to work in the office of the EPC Contractor. They will undertake a design review, prepare the startup deliverables, identify the scope of responsibility and to establish the schedule dates for Commissioning milestone to be delivered.

Contractual Review

The following are examples of typical contract deliverables that will normally be included in our Commissioning scope:

  • Developing the Commissioning schedule
  • Establishing the System Turnover Packages
  • Developing the Commissioning Organization Organogram
  • Establishing Detailed Manpower Schedule
  • Drafting Commissioning Procedures
  • Establishing a Lockout and Tag Out program
  • Drafting the List of Commissioning Chemicals
  • Drafting the List of Commissioning Lubricants
  • Drafting the List of Startup Consumables list
  • Preparing Operating Procedures
  • Managing the Training program for Operators and Maintenance Personnel
  • Drafting Compliance with Emission guarantee procedures (air permit)
  • Drafting Plant Acceptance Testing Procedures

Commissioning Budget Review

The Startup Manager will review the budget for the Commissioning activities, and prepare estimate that ensures the Commissioning activities within the budget meets the contractual obligations. Normal costs that will be considered are the manpower, vendor representatives, and equipment. The scope of subcontracts will be reduced by our Commissioning Experts absorbing some activities, to keep the budget costs lower. A cost structure for field personnel will be developed, as well as the various expenses such as transportation to and from the jobsite, per diem, rotational breaks, and living accommodations.

Project Review

Our Commissioning Experts will utilize their extensive Commissioning knowledge to review the design of the project. Our Experts will be critical of piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID’s), electrical one-line diagrams, vendor manuals, and other related documents. Our Experts will interact with EPC Contractors personnel, and develop a positive relationship which will promote problem solving during the startup phase. Our Commissioning Experts will review project drawings and documents for Commissioning feasibility, system operability, and maintainability. The EPC Contractor will produce lists, such as equipment lists, valve lists, instrument lists, and line (piping) lists, which will be checked and agreed by the Commissioning Experts.

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