System Turnover

EPC Contractors will naturally work to complete construction build milestones by installation of System Turnover packages and large equipment in line with payment and completion installation milestones under the contract with is normally focused on Area completion. As work progresses, the construction team should change their focus to align the Mechanical Completion of sub-systems inline with the Commissioning objectives focusing on primary systems required by the Commissioning Experts such as safety and utility systems.

During the Construction phase the Construction Experts will prepare System Turnover package for each system under the coordination of the Commissioning Experts. Early in the project, Our Commissioning Experts will provide marked-up engineering drawings, P&ID’s, and electrical one-line diagrams, which depict the boundaries of each system and the equipment included. These drawings are developed for system scoping identifying all the equipment, pipes, cables, and instruments that are in each system. Our Commissioning Experts will utilise our CCMS Completion & Commissioning Management Systems a details computerized database breaking down each system into the following groups:

  • Parts / Components
  • Equipment
  • Discipline
  • Sub-Systems
  • Systems

Each component will be attached to an MCR Mechanical Completion Record within the CCMS System and each component will be coded for the respective systems and included in the completed test documents which are assembled into a Turnover Package.

Our Commissioning Experts will provide a schedule that specifies the target date for each System Turnover. When the construction team is satisfied that a system is ready for Turnover, the System Turnover package is submitted to Our Commissioning Experts for review. Any incomplete construction items are noted in the package documentation as either category “B” considered items not to affect Commissioning or Category “A” which are considered critical for Commissioning. Those items deemed “B” with the acceptance of the Commissioning Experts can be referred to be completed at a later date, under the Commissioning work permit program. Normally all item deemed to be a Category “A” item will have to be addressed prior to Commissioning of that system however can be accepted from Construction by the Commissioning Experts, typical items can simply be loose bolts on a piping connection items normally easily rectified without the need of Construction Hot Work or Major support.

System Walkdown

After the Commissioning Expert reviews the Turnover package, a joint construction and Commissioning walkdown of the system is required. The walkdown verifies that all work within the boundaries is complete as per the agreed engineering drawings and that all components have been installed and fitted correctly within the specification of the build. Any incomplete work is noted in Punch List which will establish those items deemed as Critical “A” Punch List item or those that are “B” Punch List items.

Punch List

The punch list contains individual records for each deficiency noted as either a “A” or “B”. It lists the respective system, the component tag number and description, a definition of the discrepancy, the work group responsible for fixing the deficiency, the dates that the item was generated and considered complete or closed. The punch list is sorted by CCMS system that is pre-programed to only enable the generation of a CCR Commissioning Completion Certificate once all the Punch List Items have been completed within the boundaries of the Turnover package.

It is not uncommon for Construction to manage their own completion database and to keep their own punch list for Mechanical Completion independently to the Commissioning Experts, however those projects that work to the Commissioning Experts CCMS will normally complete the required objective for system handover a lot quicker. This is due to the fact a single project punchlist allows for better scheduling of equipment and manpower, which allows for the work to be completed faster or in a way that better supports the overall schedule. The Master Punch List will be always managed by Our Commissioning Experts as our system is designed to facilitate sorting and report capability of a database program thus enabling multiple cross check and minimal errors in information that could serious delay final system completion and inevitably delay plant Commissioning and Startup. The CCMS is a more labour intensive exercise however far more cost effective over the duration of a project allowing far more flexibility in reporting critical information to the client and construction progress more accurately. CCMS allows quick presentation by discipline, subsystem, system and work groups enabling detailed reports and customized list of those items requiring completion and those groups responsible for fixing.

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