What makes us Different?

The Experience for the Client?

No recruitment agency can guarantee to find the right candidates for your team, however, by selecting to work with a sector expert with over 20 years experience in managing EPC Project Management and Commissioning Experts with a transparent database of Experts currently available within a custom searchable framework automatically take away considerable risk and time wasting from the candidate alignment process.

Our Flexible Client Services include:

  • Full Preliminary Interviews, Expert Package Negotiation and Candidate Management through Contract or Direct Hire process
  • Proven Contract and Permanent Recruitment Management Process
  • Full Integrated Payroll and Tax Management Service
  • Integrated International Deployment Services Managing;
    • EL & PL Insurance ER Medical Repatriation Taylor to Project Needs
    • Travel Mobilisation Accommodation Management
    • Manage Local Work Permit ad Visa Processes
    • Project Induction Safety Training

The Experience for the Candidate?

When searching for your perfect position in a competitive environment, it’s important to have every possible advantage, the right education, training, relevant experience and industry certifications are all important but in 50% of the cases we see the hiring client will never get to see your resume.

By registering on our network not only are you likely to be aligned with more opportunities with hiring client, we also work with your to become a valuable long-term career partner.

We are genuinely interested in learning about you as a person, as well as your career goals.

We have cultivated strong relationships in EPC PMC and Commissioning Space specifically.

By creating a transparent yet standard profile format we eliminate discrimination on the basis of age, gender or nationality ensuring the client is focused on the key elements of the Job Description matching your skills and experience to create a more engaging experience.