Commissioning Engineer

Senior Commissioning engineers are normally employed to work within the clients team at the clients work site or project location, where they are normally responsible for commissioning and overseeing specific disciplined scope of work and placing specific plant or installations systems, plants and equipment into service to be handed over to the operations personal.

Key Responsibilities

  • Receives Project documentation and understands Scope of Work related to his discipline.
  • Report to Commissioning Manager or Leader.
  • Leads a team to undertake commissioning activities.
  • Interfaces with other disciplines to ensure integration of activities.
  • Implement & test the subsystems and systems as per project commissioning requires.
  • Preparation of method statements and commissioning procedures.
  • Interface towards Pre-commissioning and Construction personnel.
  • Reports on work progress, bringing to notice potential problems or delays and recommends solutions.
  • Assist during the CCMS database management for pre-commissioning status index and commissioning technical database.
  • Plan, Monitor and assist in Vendor activities as required.
  • Ensure temporary supplies and commissioning spares are adequate for the subsystem testing.
  • Perform inter-discipline checks.
  • Compliance in accordance with HSE Standard.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor degree in Specified Engineering Disipline.
  • 15 years commissioning experience within the oil and gas industry with at least 5 years in a Senior role in Commissioning.
  • Leadership and Supervisory Skills and Experience.
  • Good understanding of specific Engineering discipline and interdisciplinary activities.
  • Knowledge of General Commissioning software.
  • Good technical knowledge and skills.
  • Good Communication skills

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