Commissioning Manager

Key Responsibilities
  • Execute and supervise all activities in accordance to Commissioning guidelines and deadlines.
  • Manage planning strategies to achieve project Completion and make available the correct resources.
  • Develop and manage budget for undertaking Commissioning activities.
  • Advise and Consult with clients on Commissioning goals and objectives.
  • Advise and Consult with project staff in their commission responsibilities.
  • Promote project and client quality safety and environmental standards through best practice through project to ensure zero harm to personnel, plant, equipment and the environment .
  • Manage and update project records and reports across different departments of the project consistantly.
  • Actively Manage day to day operational aspects of project Commissioning and operational responsibility.
  • Oversee purchasing and procurement of the required capital and operational equipment, Commissioning and operational spares, consumables and first fills.
  • Coordinate between construction management and subcontracted personnel related to Commissioning scope.
  • Coordinate with clients and EPC Contractor to ensure delivery of contract milestones inline within project specified guidelines.
  • Manage resolution of issues.
  • Contribute proactively on engineering design, construction, proposals during management meetings.
  • Recruit, train, inspire and manage commissioning personnel.
  • Participate actively, be accountable and responsible in the management of site operations.
  • Manage and encourage ALL personnel to champion company and completion objectives of the project.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Degree or Masters Qualification Chemical or Process Engineering
  • 20 Years Operational, Construction & Commissioning Experience
  • 5 Years Minimum as Startup Commissioning Manager
  • Commercially and Contractually Adverse
  • Excellent Communicator with Considerable People and Time Management Skills
  • Company Champion with Zero Incident Policy towards HSE

Need Expert Commissioning Support?

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