Technical Author

Key Responsibilities

  • Provides full Technical Author witting Commissioning & Start Up Procedures and Operating Manuals.
  • High Level of English Grammar, Spelling and Technical Vocabulary
  • Works with EPC Engineering and Design to develop documentation.
  • Updates Records and Documentation as required
  • Provide guidance on Processes and Document Deliverables in conjunction with Clients Operations
  • Provide Training on the use of Templates
  • Create guidance on Document Format and Creation
  • Providing guidance to Commissioning and Operations Personnel on Document Content
  • Acts as Audit Authority and Convert Documents into Publish/Print Final Format

Qualifications & Experience

  • Degree Qualified in Chemical or Process Plant Operations Engineering
  • High level of written English language skill, including Excellent Spelling and Grammar
  • Experience OIM or Operation Lead within an Operator Environment
  • 10 Years Experience as a Technical Author encompassing the development of a range of different Documentation types across various Technical Disciplines
  • 20 Years Experience in the Oil & Gas Plant Industry and in depth knowledge of the associated terminology

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