Start UP Commissioning Manager

  • 20+ Years Oil & Gas Experience
  • Project Management
  • I&C Engineering
  • QHSE Management Systems / Utility SHEA (Gas) Passport
  • CSCS EUSR (Energy and UtilitySkills Register) 127080
  • EXOP Advanced First Aid Training
  • Dresser Rand Lukoil Controls Training Course / Mentalmerger workshop MAN
  • Memberships Institute of Diagnostic Engineers (9334)
  • BOSIET – Basic Offshore Safety Induction Escape Training
  • English, French, Russian, German Speaking
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Extended Profile

20+ years’ experience in the Oil and Gas Energy Management of day to day Commissioning activities of multi-disciplined commissioning team. Development of Commissioning Procedures , Introduction of Standard documentation , Interface with all departments including Construction , Pre Commissioning , Commissioning, Start Up – Onshore / Offshore . Creation of templates for Commissioning Procedures, Technical advice to external parties on Commissioning Matters relating to Oil Gas Petro-Chemical and Power Generation CCPP, HRSG, PLC, DCS, SCADA. The writing of procedures for Test and Commissioning activities to be carried out offshore and onshore using ICAPS and OPERCOM. Technical advice on day to day technical queries relating to pre-commissioning /commissioning including Piping ,Instrumentation, PLC DCS and SCADA interfaces, future offshore commissioning activities relating to the modification and upgrade of the platform. Liaison with client on commissioning matters as and when required, Review of HSE requirements and documentation.


Day Rate $800.00 USD

The Average Day Rate payable for this Commissioning Manager is $800.00 USD per Day. A Standard Contract Working Day is classed as 10 Hours with 1 unpaid Hour for Lunch. Additional “Perdiam” is Payable depending on location, which covers, Accommodation, Transport to and from the work site and Daily Allowance for Food, Beverage and Laundry. To estimate your daily team costs select the add this expert to your team. On Completion go to My Completion Team and Complete the Short Inquiry Form and we will do the rest…

Interim Commissioning Manager

Jacobs Engineering Interim Commissioning Manager, Management of day to day activities being carried out across all disciplines within a commissioning team of approximately 120 personnel – including Mechanical . Instrumentation, Electrical and Process .Integration of new personnel within the commissioning organisation on site within Jacobs Morocco ..Liaison with Client OCP ,Jesa Construction and Samsung on all issues.


Manager Commissioning

ABB Sweden – Commissioning Manager – Dolwin Alpha and Borwin 500 Million Pounds, Coordination of Commissioning Activities for the completion of Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning of the above Offshore Wind interface HVDC Platforms interfacing with HV/Grid networks. Documentation was written in order to formalize the procedures at all stages of the contract. The writing of procedures for outstanding works on Dolwin Alpha and subsequent pre-commissioning and commissioning / transfer thereof. The writing of procedures for Borwin Test and Commissioning.Internal documentation review and approval meetings.Interface with the client regarding the acceptance / implementation of the procedures.




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Pre-Commissioning Manager

Saudi Archirodon – Pre-Commissioning Manager – Yanbu Export Refinery Project NGL (SP-7) 300 Million USD, Cover for permanent member of staff, Review of Planning Generating documentation for Pre-commissioning activities of the renovation / upgrade project. Definition of Systems / Sub Systems / Review and update of procedures Commissioning / Handover / acceptance by the client of all documentation relating to the installation and commissioning process.


Process Commissioning Manager

Imtech B.V. Process Commissioning Manager – Total Anguille Renovation Project 100 Million USD Preparation of the execution of Onshore / Offshore activities in Gabon including planning Generation of Pre Commissioning and Commissioning Procedures including process.Review of Total documentation relating to the project. Familiarization with Total standards incl OPERCOM and ICAPS. Review of HSE requirements and documentation Technical advice on the Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Phase. Weekly progress meetings Assignment curtailed due to delay in project 7 months / budget issues.


Commissioning Manager

EDF Projects – Commissioning Manager – MAN TurboDiesel Augsburg Germany Duties include the formation of a Commissioning Team ,the liaison with client and partners along with day to day project management of the projects. Working as a Commissioning Manager covering the approval process for documentation and related standards .Attending internal and external decision making meetings for all pre-commissioning , commissioning activities.including the PLC DCS SCADA and Communication interfaces Allocating personnel to Commissioning Plan , control of budget, plus related project management thereon.



Project Manager / Commissioning Manager

Project Manager / Commissioning Manager – Land & Marine – Working in the Head Office in Bromborough on the Admin for the two Emissions Reduction Projects – one in Kirriemuir and the other in St Fergus Scotland followed by the relocation to site at Kirriemuir for the Management / Administration and liaison with the client (National Grid / Scottish Electricity Board) and the Instrumentation sub contractors RR and Siemens and designer (IMEG), and attending Managerial meetings.,Generation of Commissioning Documentation.



Project Manager

Project Manager Solar Turbines Belgium seconded to Turkish Petroleum Silivri Refinery Turkey, Lukoil –Western Siberia Ltd JSC Gas Processing Complex Gas Refinery Lokosovskiy Siberia, Sakhalin Export Terminal Russia, Latvijas Gaz Inchukalns Latvia. Commissioning Engineer Supervisor.



Commissioning Consultant

Lukoil –Western Siberia  – JSC Gas Processing Complex Gas Refinery Lokosovskiy Siberia Duties included, To carry out final debugging of control systems on the Centaur 50 Turbine followed by the presentation and opening by the President of Lukoil, and overseeing the day to day operation of the Turbine / Compressor thereafter.whilst respecting the Refinery Standards and safety rules.



Commissioning Engineer Supervisor

Latvijas Gaz Inchukalns Latvia – Commissioning Engineer Supervisor – Duties included, carrying out cold loop checks followed by hot loop checks on the instrumentation ,control and electrical systems on and around the Solar Mars 100 Turbine and Dresser Rand Compressor.



Consultant Project Manager

May 2006 – July 2006 Pratt and Whitney Connecticut USA – Consultant Project Manager – Duties include, contractual Meetings held in the USA and FRANCE regarding the Moscow project and the Islands project. Discussions held re the logistics and technical details of supply and installation / commissioning of the Pratt and Whitney Products including BOP in both projects.



Commissioning Engineer

INAGIP – Offshore Croatia Croatia – Commissioning Engineer – Duties included, The test fault find followed by pre-commissioning / commissioning of Solar Turbine and Dresser Rand compressor Installation including all auxiliary instrumentation on the Rig offshore Croatia.



Senior Commissioning Engineer

Kenana – Sugar Company Sudan – Senior Commissioning Engineer – Duties included
Interfacing with client / client workforce and ensuring that all installation work / pre-commissioning / commissioning is carried out to company standards. Resolving all technical queries regarding the interface of existing plant and the new Honetwell scada system / instrumentation/controllers.



Other Commissioning Roles

Compressor Station Korpedje Turkmenistan – Commissioning Manager

Sonatrach Refinery Arsew Algeria – Commissioning Manager

Dibis Power Station IRAQ Consultant D+I Commissioning Engineer

Mosul Power Station IRAQ Consultant D+I Commissioning Engineer

GMMR Project LYBIA Consultant D+I Commissioning Engineer

Greater Nile Petroleum Co. Consultant Commissioning Engineer

Bear Creek CCPP Alberta Canada – Commissioning Engineer

Suez Power Plant – Commissioning Coordinator

Kelanitissa Power Plant Sri Lanka Consultant Commissioning Engineer

Shurtan Project Qarshi Refinery Ubekistan – Commissioning Engineer

EDF Paris – Control Engineer

Solvay (Centrale de cogeneration ) Commissioning Engineer

Waterflood Project Hassi Massoud Algeria Commissioning Engineer

Mosul Power Station Mosul IRAQ Commissioning Engineer

Fluor Daniel /Eastman Kodak Project Xiamen China – Commissioning Engineer

Judy Platform Phillips Petroleum Offshore UK – Instrument Commissioning Engineer

Tihama Project Abha Saudi – Commissioning Engineer

Ceska Rafineska Refinery Czech Republic – Evaluation Engineer

Howmar Castleford UK – Instrument Controls Commissioning Engineer

Rabigh Power Station Saudi – Pre-Commissioning Commissioning Engineer

Sempec Refinery Singapore – Commissioning Engineer

Leuna Refinery Germany – Commissioning Engineer

NFL Vijaipur India – Commissioning Engineer