Lead Electrical Commissioning Engineer

  • 20+ Years Experience Oil & Gas
  • Project Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • English, Spanish Speaking
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20+ Years Experience as a Lead Electrical Commissioning Engineer specialized in high voltage substations, confident to commission or maintenance new/old circuits in high voltage facilities. Worked 20+ years in a Utility Sector, in several positions but my main experience is related to primary equipment, I did several tests in a power/ distribution transformers, circuit breakers, capacitor banks, current transformers, voltage transformers, reclosers; also, I know about the protective relays, I had to leave the Utility after the government close it, after that, I worked in a small company which distributes electrical equipment for high voltage substations, there, I was application and sales engineer, project coordinator, in charge of the team in charge to change the remote terminal unit in a 230 KV substation. Application engineer role to give to the customers the training to operate the test set devices that the company sold, also pre and post sales technical support engineer in Latin America and some of the Caribbean. I have received some training for project management in Houston, Tx, USA, SF6 circuit breakers in Kassel, Germany and SF6 circuit breakers in a GIS in Switzerland. 



Daily Rate $300.00

The Average Rate payable for a one of our Lead Electrical Commissioning Engineer is $300.00 USD per Day. A Standard Contract Working Day is classed as 10 Hours with 1 unpaid Hour for Lunch. Additional allowance is Payable depending on location, which covers, Accommodation, Transport to and from the work site and Daily Allowance for Food, Beverage and Laundry. To estimate your daily team costs select the add this expert to your team. On Completion go to My Completion Team and Complete the Short Inquiry Form and we will do the rest…


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