Lead Mechanical Commissioning Engineer

  • 15+ Years Oil & Gas Experience
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • BOSIET – Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training
  • English, Korean Speaking


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Extended Profile

15+ years of experience in the oil industry, Extensive hand-on experience in Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning, Hook-up and Commissioning, O&M related to Mechanical, Drilling & Process of LNG, Commercial ships, Onshore/ Offshore oil and gas plants. (Congo, France, Nigeria, Gabon, Germany, Norway, Canada, Angola, Russia) Specialized in selection of all types of pumps, Centrifugal Compressors, Gas Turbines & Steam Turbine drivers, Gas Turbine Generators, and other rotating equipment for hydrocarbon and other services according to the International Standards of API, ISO, etc. and various Company Standards. Experienced in preparation of engineering specification, evaluation & selection of- Centrifugal, reciprocating and screw compressors as per API Gas turbines for compressor and generator drive as per API and NEMA Gas turbine generator packages as per API Centrifugal pumps for water injection, LNG, MOL, BFW, seawater & process services as per API Rotary pumps, plunger pumps, diaphragm pumps as per API Other miscellaneous packages utilizing above items as per API, ISO.

Day Rate $700.00

The Average Day Rate payable for this Lead Mechanical Commissioning Engineer is $700.00 USD per Day. A Standard Contract Working Day is classed as 10 Hours with 1 unpaid Hour for Lunch. Additional allowance is Payable depending on location to cover Accommodation, Transport to and from the work site and Daily Allowance for Food, Beverage and Laundry. To estimate your daily team costs select add this expert to your team. On Completion go to My Completion Team and Complete the Short Inquiry Form and we will do the rest…

Mechanical Process Commissioning Lead

Mechanical Process Commissioning Lead – DSME – Equipment pre-start-up and start-up procedures; Development of workpack, jobcard, OTP, standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and Methods of Procedures (MOPs); Comprehensive Commissioning documentation; Prepare commissioning test procedures and reports; Develop and maintain commissioning logs, equipment checklist, and other tools to track commissioning projects; Write comprehensive reports which include the following sections: recommendations for optimizing system operations, preservation, functional checklists, list of deficiencies, equipment operation and maintenance manuals Review design criteria, specifications, drawings, equipment submittals, and other documentation pertinent to commissioning Develop and administer functional tests for various hvac,oil and gas, LPG, PW and SW, Well and Riser, heater exchanger and pump etc systems. System Assembly; Commission plan preparation ; Follow company QC process and procedures Help lead and manage any external resources; Schedule and direct periodic commissioning meetings; Attend construction and coordination meetings if required for the project ; Interface with Houston Engineering Science and Technology Group,contractors, equipment vendors and owners agents as needed; Execute project assignments; Interface with project contractors, vendors, and testing technicians; Interact with all facets of the company: engineering, design, etc. Verify results of test reports; Assist with field troubleshooting of commissioned equipment as needed. Manage projects, plans, provide and gather specifications, and execute assignments in a multidisciplinary mechanical and Process engineering Commissioning role for large facility projects. Verticals that we cover include Our areas of interest include the overall requirements for offshore and onshore operation, logistics and procurement, hook up and commissioning activities in consideration of the downstream stream.



Lead Mechanical Commissioning Engineer

Technip FMC -Technical support, supervision and inspection services in Commissioning and O& M phase of GE/Mitsubishi /Kawasaki/SIEMENS/ PCM / Flowserve booster / Peroni’s /fiscal /Flowserve/EBARA/GE Package and systems. Coordination of the interface with Samsung Heavy Industries (general ship navigation) Major facility plan / regular maintenance procedures and technical support. O & M Operator, Emerson, Yokogawa, Rotork, etc., and process control, logic and UFD verification / process improvement and development of CCR room. Operation and performance inspection / technical support of various instrumentation systems and equipment / piping Testing of vendors and manufacturers’ shops and testing of documents / Review / Conferences and discussions Level 3 & 4 communication in English – PT / meeting / meeting / group reading
Temporary fluid and chemical, oil, tool, gasket, seal, bolt etc. O & M / LTS project quotation support Spare parts and other material management
Check Sheet / Trouble Shooting for maintenance procedures / inspection / operation Compliance with Shell Dep. Rule / LR 3RD Party.



Mechanical Commissioning Site Supervisor

Total – Mechanical Commissioning Site Supervisor – Onshore – responsible for daily inspection, installation, pre-comm, commissioning, preservation and operation of mechanical equipment, process systems, HVAC, CCCC, etc.
Encouraging activities for punch close, review and approve the construction step-by-step DOSSIER, design and approval for FAT, RI, MC, walk down, RFC, RFSU for COMMISSIONING and sTART UP. 
Offshore – responsible for daily inspection, installation, material, pre-comm, commissioning, preservation and operation of mechanical equipment, process systems, hvac, etc. Check for hook-up activities and encouraging activities for punch close Review and approve the construction step-by-step DOSSIER, design and approval for FAT, RI, MC, walk down, RFC, RFSU for COMMISSIONING and START UP.




Senior Mechanical Superintendent

INPEX – Senior Mechanical Superintendent – Overall management from design bidding stage to Construction/Commissioning/Delivery/Handover completion/Sea fastening with Turret. Meetings or interchange of ideas throughout to decide on various issues with above owner side superintendent Responsible for daily inspection, installation, material, pre-comm, commissioning preservation and operation of mechanical equipment, process systems, HVAC, Turret, Propulsion, turbine, mooring, riser, piping system. Check for mechanical activities and encouraging activities for punch close General management of the machinery sector. Review and approve the construction step-by-step DOSSIER, design and approval for FAT, RI, MC, walk down, RFC, RFSU for COMMISSIONING and start UP. Installation and advising of 3x PGT25+SAC Dual Fuel turbo generator skid.



Senior Mechanical Lead

DSME – DONG E&P A/S – Technip consortium – Senior Mechanical Lead – Design and Implementation of Considerations and Way to promote NORSOK in Construction Company. Perform undertakings or missions of various complexities to the needs and interests of Owner side.

Two pipe-laying support vessels – PLSV 1,2 FOR Technip, Odebrecht Oil and Gas  Interfacing resolution management with owner, maker,vendor, inclued TOWER system, Carousel ,ROV,Knuckle Boom Crane. Commissioning start up assessment.

TOTAL – CLOV FPSO – Integrated HULL/TOPSIDE Fabrication / Construction / Commissioning Management. Mooring system control/supervision /consultation.

Allseas project, Fabrication & Construction supervisory/inspection
Commissioning MC/PUNCH/ETC Advisor.

Exxon Neftgas Limited`s Chayvo project – Involved Strategic Approach Using SWOT Analysis for Developing a Pre-design Virtual COW ITEMS. Development of Fabrication technique for pressure vessel system. Study on Process Improvement by Incorporating the Concept of Six-Sigma into Quality Circle Involved in an advisory for pressure vessel system, mechanical inspection capacity on the project Development of a system for Project Quality Plan in Connection with Schedule D/B.

TIV (Turbine Installation Vessel) – Jack up system maintenance inspection supervision Interfacing management of mechanical client. 
Supervision for Duplicated project for check and control all equipment Mechanical also maintenance carry out inspection, commissioning inspection and FE QA/QC Duties Document Engineering reviewing data visual inspection and identification for commissioning and Start-up

TOTAL – PAZFLOR FPSO – ER Machinery with on deck Machinery(eg Topsides module ) inspection, supervision. Monitor site execution of rotating maintenance strategy to ensure maximum plant up time to support sustainable production in compliance to Maintenance Reference Plan (MRP) Supervise maintenance activities at site in accordance to rotating maintenance plan Proposed Cost Saving Method on Each Building Phase by Analyzing the Cost Structure. Conducted total handling items (with cranes, boats) function testing. Mooring system control / supervision / consultation. (This was the first time the term onshore was applied).

Odfjell Invest II Ltd . Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig 2ND – Integrated Inspection application/Quality management NORSOK.

Transocean Offshore enhanced Enterprise-class (Discoverer Clear Leader, Americas, Discoverer Inspiration) Geo-Je, Korea  OIM Management with ROV with BOP , Subsea equipment etc. Derrick system development and management services. Involved develop localization of offshore products.(Build a company:khan) Conducted total handling items (with cranes, boats) function testing. Provided production system operation in sea trial/confirming trial with above Transocean’s chief-engineer. Fabrication & Construction supervisory, inspection.






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