Lead Process Commissioning Engineer

  • 20+ Years Oil & Gas Experience
  • Process Engineering
  • English Speaking
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20+ Years Experience a as Lead Process Commissioning Engineer, experience as a Shift Supervisor, responsible for planning, organizing and coordinating operators engaged in the production process. Experience as a Commissioning Engineer, responsible for analyzing, planning, coordinating and supervising the work of staff involved in the commissioning activities. Experience as a DCS Operator, responsible for monitors and coordinates the operation from control panel, ensuring safe and efficient operations, preparing standard operating procedures for pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up of the plant and required documents of commissioning and operational activities. Experience as Materials Engineer, responsible for materials management on sites, involved as well for procurement of materials required by construction / commissioning teams. Good knowledge of the principles, policies, practices, procedures, and strategies required to properly operate petrochemical plants. Excellent knowledge of the theory and principles of operation, the ability to troubleshoot and diagnose problems, identify and implement appropriate remedial action to put malfunctioning equipment and facilities back into action. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing as they pertain to planning, assigning and supervising the work of staff and providing status reports to senior management.


Day Rate $500.00 USD

The Average Daily Rate payable for this Lead Process Commissioning Engineer is $500.00 USD per Day. A Standard Contract Working Day is classed as 10 Hours with 1 unpaid Hour for Lunch. Additional “Perdiam” is Payable depending on location, which covers, Accommodation, Transport to and from the work site and Daily Allowance for Food, Beverage and Laundry. To estimate your daily team costs select the add this expert to your team. On Completion go to My Completion Team and Complete the Short Inquiry Form and we will do the rest…



Commissioning Engineer / Punch List Coordinator

SPIE OIL & GAS – SAUDI ARAMCO – Commissioning Engineer/Punch List Coordinator, Mixed Feed Cracker and Aromatics. Identify requirements and scope of work, review specifications, drawings and other documents of the project and establish applicability to the scope of work. Lead subcontractors for the safe execution of Pre-Commissioning / Commissioning activities in line with the schedule. Lead a team of engineers/supervisors for the execution of pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up activities. Follow the overall punch list system and define priority in line with Subsystem completion. Issue daily punch list progress reports & break down reports by discipline. Review all punch lists issued prior to submittal to Database Administrator. Ensure that the Field Punch List form is filled in correctly and that the punch list items are properly described and pertinent to the associated system / subsystem and are legitimate with respect to project specifications, safety rules and industry practices before sending them to Database Coordinator for registration.



Commissioning and Start-Up Supervisor System Lead

SPIE OIL & GAS – YANBU ARAMCO SINOPEC Export Refinery – Commissioning and Start-Up Supervisor System Lead at CDU-VDU, DCU, SGP, Merox – Interacting with other disciplines to develop and execute a robust commissioning procedure for various hydrocarbon systems with associated equipment. Accountable for the process commissioning activities and ensuring commissioning procedures are followed and executed accordingly. Communicating with other parts of the commissioning organization to ensure process commissioning requirements are understood, agreed and incorporated into an integrated approach. Involved in equipment runs performance to ensure equipment meets engineering and operational criteria. Ensures compliance with LOTO, energy isolation, blinding, etc. associated with permits. Ensures equipment affected by the work permits has been prepared and deemed safe for the work to be performed.



PMT Commissioning & Operations Lead Engineer

SPIE OIL & GAS – SAUDI ARAMCO – TOTAL Refining Petrochemical & Co – PMT Commissioning & Operations Lead Engineer. Attends daily PMC, Commissioning, Operations coordination meeting with contractors and subcontractors. Lead the meetings between EPCC & PMT raise the main concerns related to the turnover process to RFSU. Review and approve Methods of Statement and Operation Test Procedures (OTP) for PMC, Commissioning or Operations activities. Checks, reviews and sign the check sheets for acceptance when all requirements are reached. Verify that EPCC contractor’s commissioning activities are thoroughly planned, staffed and executed safely. Lead, coordinate and follow up the RFC & RFSU walk through. Reporting to Commissioning Manager any commissioning problems that arise on the site and find the way to solving problems in the shortest time to avoid delays from work schedule.



Lead Material Engineer

AGIP KCO, Kashagan Field Development Project – Experimental Programme, D-Island, Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan, ICAT – Integrated Commissioning & Acceptance Team – Lead Material Engineer. Ensure all forms for procurement are correctly completed thus ensuring the right equipment is received for the specific job. Arrange warehouse logistics according to the instructions of the Commissioning Manager. Manage information relevant to arrival of materials at site and their availability at warehouse. Co-ordinate any necessary action to support customs clearance of materials. Initiate claims against vendors for missing materials and/or non-conformity with the relevant purchase order. Control of computerized and manual stock records. Liaison with forwarders and suppliers for incoming materials. Responsible for all technical issues, provide the relevant data sheets, drawings. Handles all material management activities including, purchasing, inventory control and warehousing.



PMC Material Coordinator

Chyioda Technip Joint Venture (CTJV), QCS project, Ras Laffan, Qatar – PMC Material Coordinator, QatarGas, Utilities LNG plants, Train 6 & 7 – Coordinates and expedites flow of materials, parts, and assemblies between departments, according to production and delivery schedules or department priorities, compiles and maintains manual or computerized records. Skills acquired/ achievements: Examines material delivered to commissioning department to verify conformance to specifications required. Arranges in-site transfer of materials to meet commissioning schedules. Requisitions material and establishes sequential delivery dates to departments, according to job order priorities and material availability. Planning, coordinating, and consulting with other supervisory staff on the priorities, task assignments, and work schedules of the commissioning staff. Directly involved in purchasing process and manufacturing of different kinds of materials required by site.




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PCC Supervisor

Technip, Ras Laffan Olefin Company (RLOC) project, Ras Laffan, Qatar
PCC Supervisor , Ethane Cracking Plant – Involved in all pre-commissioning activities like air blowing , steam blowing , water flushing , tightness test , etc. Skills acquired/ achievements: Steam blowing with/without target plates for XS, HS, MS, LS networks at inlet for all sensitive equipments (turbines, exchangers, etc).  Put in service XS , HS , MS and LS steam according to the procedure issued on site. Put in service XS , HS , MS and LS condensate. Solo run and mechanical run test for high pressure steam turbines. Prepared the auxiliary equipments for cracked gas compressor , propane compressor and ethylene compressor for start-up. Commissioned and put in service the low profile flare. Punch list checking and clear all items found. Performed a functional test for dynamic equipment ( pumps, compressors, etc. ).



DCS Supervisor

Technip, Arya Sasol Polymer Co. Project, Bandar Assaluyeh, Iran – DCS Supervisor, Low Density Polyethylene – Involved in all pre-commissioning and commissioning jobs regarding DCS activities such as: Instruments loop check. Alarm and timing set points check list as per design specifications. Checking of the STS, MOS and ESD systems. Provided training activities for client regarding DCS activities. Chemical cleaning of suction lines for the primary and secondary compressor. High pressure blowing of system. Polymer run test. Run test of closed systems (hot water reactor, chilled water, pelletizer water, product cooler, MP recycle, hot water extruder barrels, etc.) Start the sequence for conveying system – Zeppelin model.

Technip, Jam Petrochemical Complex Project, Bandar Assaluyeh, Iran – PCC Supervisor, 10-th Olefin Complex Cracking Plant. Involved in precommissiong, commissioning and start up activities for Olefin 10 Complex as part of PCC team of Technip France. Skills acquired/ achievements: Checking the systems for conformity with P&ID in utility, gas separation, gas gathering and dew point control. Punch list checking and remove all items found. Performed a functional test for dynamic equipment. ESD checking. Maintenance activities. Issued work permit (hot and cold) in accordance with safety regulations.

Training activities for client operators – Sohar Refinery Company, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman. DCS Shift Supervisor, Units: Hydrogen Generation. Sulphur Recovery Unit. Amine Regeneration Unit. Sour Water Stripper Unit. Tail Gas Treatment Unit
Skills acquired/ achievements: Punch activities doing as per P&ID and isometric drawing. Mechanical clearance for erection of pipes, spool pieces as per P&ID and isometrics. Cleaning by water flushing, air blowing, steam blowing, chemical cleaning (solvent cleaning), acid cleaning, water blast cleaning. Degreasing, alkaly boil out of boiler, refractory dry out of furnace and incinerator. Check list for final box-up of equipments. Pumps test, instrumentation alarm/trip system and logic checking, mechanical run-in of pumps and blowers, motors and electrical systems checks. Purging/ inertization and system leak test of piping and equipment. Participate in start-up activities of : Hydrogen Generation Unit, Sulphur Recovery Unit, Amine Regeneration Unit, Sour Water Stripper Unit, Tail Gas Treatment. Participate in run-test and performance-test as DCS shift supervisor. Running with normal operating parameters for these units until handover to client.



Commissioning Shift Supervisor

Trans Pacific Petrochemical Indotama Project, Tuban, Indonesia Commissioning Shift Supervisor, Units: Prefractionation Unit. Naphta Hydrotreater Unit. Platforming Unit. CCR Cyclemax. skills acquired/ achievements: Solo run test and mechanical run test for dynamic equipments like: centrifugal multistage pumps, turbine pumps, reciprocating pumps, gear pumps & metering pumps (dosing pumps), boosters, multistage reciprocating compressors, turbocompressors, blowers. Checking and testing reactors, heaters, columns, regenerators, vessels, filters, exchangers, boilers, steam generators. Steam blowing preparation, HP, MP & LP steam. Loop checking, stroke checking for control valves. P&ID checking, preparing of punch lists and rectification. Water flushing of packages, air blowing, drying, leak testing and preservation with nitrogen.



Shift supervisor

S.N.P.-Petrom S.A. – Petrobrazi Refinery Ploiesti, Romania – Shift supervisor, Units: Platforming, CCR Cyclemax, Naphta Hydro Treater, LPG Merox Skills acquired/ achievements: Responsible for the normal and safety running of these units, supervising these units in emergency cases: loss of feed, loss of steam, power failure, steam failure, nitrogen failure, instrumental air failure. Controlling product quality and raw feed quality by analysis received from central laboratory for day-to-day routine analysis and also by online analyzers and monitoring system. Coordination with fire & safety dept. in case of any unusual/unsafe occurrence & conditions of units in the plant. To avoid the risk of simultaneous conflicting activities by ensuring that all work carried out within the operating areas of the plant are carried out safely, in accordance with requirements of the PTW procedures and the all precautions and controls are in place and adhered to (as defined in Company Safety Regulations). Responsible for the safe preparation of plants and equipments for maintenance, plant parameters changes and implement the operations for safe return to smooth running after completion of these activities. Start-up and running in normal parameters. Shut-down in safe manner. Coordination and implementation of HS&E policies and procedures. Prepare daily shift report & production report. Create Trip / Event /Incident report during abnormality in plant.


Panel Operator

S.N.P.-Petrom S.A. – Petrobrazi Refinery Ploiesti, Romania, Panel Operator, Units: Platforming, Naphta Hydro Treater, LPG Merox Skills acquired / achievements: Monitors and coordinates the operation from control panel, ensuring safe and efficient operations, maintaining continuous contact with various areas of the entire plants to keep them informed of overall operating conditions. Provide functional and technical support to the field staff as required. Support production targets as required by the company development plan. Support all field operations such that production is optimized. Provide technical guidance to the shift team. Tracking equipment performance. Identifying areas of the plants for improvements with regard the safety, reliability, productivity and plant efficiency. Training operations personnel.


Field Operator

Petrom S.A. – Petrobrazi Refinery Ploiesti, Romania – Field operator, units: Platforming, Naphta Hydro Treater, LPG Merox, Skills acquired/ achievements: Monitoring & controlling parameters in process to ensure a safe operation. Checks, operates, monitors and observes all activities/situations on plant equipment within the assigned area. Operate the plant from field or control panel & control the process parameters, troubleshooting, start-up/shut-down operations from panel or field. Logs and records all plant running parameters and report detailed information of any abnormalities and defect. Emergency handling like power failure, steam & instrument air failure, process upsets. Coordinates plants start-up and shut-down responsibility. Periodic equipment change-over. Ensuring proper house-keeping and safety. Exposure with mechanical maintenance clearance, ensuring gases and liquids are purged, flushed and cooled in safe manner. Maintains a high standard of HSE. Maintaining plant safety and enforcing environmental rules, chemical addition and disposal of waste in safe manner.