Maintenance Manager

  • 20+ Years Experience
  • MSc Chemical Engineering
  • English, German Speaking
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20+ Years Experience working with multicultural employees in different environments and circumstances developed me leadership skills, tolerance and flexibility in the performance of my duties during my professional career more than 20 years, I developed capacities and competencies in areas such as supervision of maintenance contracts, condition monitoring, rehabilitation and reliability of equipment, preparation planning and monitoring of shut downs, switchboard, ac and dc motors, PLC programation, power generators, spare parts, pumps, steam generators, compressors, valves of various types and models, feeders, mills and coal burners, transportation of coal and ash, air heaters, electrostatic precipitators, alignment of rotating equipment, driving, maintenance and repair of industrial units of cold and air conditioning. Acquired skills in functional and organizational areas related to Industrial construction and maintenance, automation and control systems and facilities management: Study and analysis projects, Survey of technical needs, Preparation of technical and commercial proposals, Preventive and corrective maintenance planning, Management and Coordination of technical teams, Contract management and coordination of activities, Coordination, management and supervision of a operations.

Day Rate $600.00 USD

The Average Day Rate payable for this Maintenance Manager is $600.00 USD per Day. A Standard Contract Working Day is classed as 10 Hours with 1 unpaid Hour for Lunch. Additional “Perdiam” is Payable depending on location, which covers, Accommodation, Transport to and from the work site and Daily Allowance for Food, Beverage and Laundry. To estimate your daily team costs select the add this expert to your team. On Completion go to My Completion Team and Complete the Short Inquiry Form and we will do the rest…

E&I Maintenance Manager

Sonangol and Dietsmann to Technip to the TOTAL Client E&I Maintenance Manager Construction of 300 Kilometers of 16″ pipeline to the Kaombo Project to the TOTAL client. Supervision of E&I maintenance in the firing line to Angoflex / Technip, to the construction of 300 Kilometers of 16″ pipeline to the Kaombo project to the TOTAL client, supervision and “hands on” in the Siemens PLC automation and programming, in preventive and corrective maintenance in mechanical static, dynamic, welding, electricity, instrumentation and thermal insulation, development and implementation of training plans, specifications, monitoring and follow-up of activities planned and unplanned in shut downs. Power Generation plant, Responsible for the quality of electric power: Power Generators, transformers, medium and low voltage lines, Startup of Power Generators and bringing into synchronization the Power Generators groups, Electrical and mechanical maintenance of Power Generators, Scheduled revisions of Power Generators and corrective maintenance of Power Generators, Problems of current and harmonics in the network failures. Records in the SAP CMMS, Installation of electric power generators, timing equipment, dynamic and static UPS, Calculation of electric cables, Electric Power quality visualization and training of electricians in Power Generators and UPS/Batteries, and rectifiers.



Maintenance Project Manager

Angola LNG and Chevron Client, Gas Plant Maintenance Project Manager in Angola LNG Plant, Direct personnel responsible for HSE, quality, engineering, procurement, construction, and business services, including sub-contracts, planning, cost control and information management. Ensuring that HSSE activities are properly planned and followed through by all project personnel in accordance with the overall HSSE plan and any project specific instructions. Importing relevant lessons learned from previous work and instructing on and supervising of the changes to be made to the project specific management plans to address the lessons learned. Ensuring appropriate assurance of the work including engineering controls, quality assurance and the conduct of integrity management activities in accordance with the QA plan for the service. Supporting QA audits and ensuring that any resultant activities relevant to the project work are completed properly by the project team. Monitoring progress against schedule and ensuring the project is completed within schedule. Monitoring expenditure against budget and ensuring the project is completed within budget. Risk management, interface management, change controls and knowledge management activities and establishing contingency plans to address foreseeable problems. Managing communications and co-ordination across the project team. Emergency Power Generation Plants, Electrical switchboards, automation and Maintenance Manager of 3 central emergency power generation. Each plant with: 4 generating sets 1700 kVA Caterpillar (EMCP controller), Schneider PLC M580 and several Advantys STB RIO, Supervision Vijeo Citect (5000 points, + 600 Trends, + 1000 Alarms) Modbus communications with EMCP equipment, SEPAM, SIPROTEC These centers ensure the power supply in case of failure or lack of power quality of the gas turbines.



Training Engineer Coordinator

Sonangol and Dietsmann to the Total Client Training Engineer Coordinator Onshore and Electrical Supervisor Offshore, Responsible for the Training Coordination HSE, Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation and Electrical Trainer, ATEX Trainer, HSE Trainer and Electrical Habilitations, preparations of the specific training modules. Trainer of the staff who work in the maritime platforms (offshore), exploration of oil, on the FPSO PAZFLOR and FPSO CLOV Projects from TOTAL . Personnel assessment training (OPERCAP) internal and external for the performance evaluation of the trainees and performance evaluation of the offshore workers.



Electrical Supervisor

Sonangol Client Electrical Supervisor, offshore in Block 2 Directs all electrical maintenance activities. Maintenance activities and start-up of essential Power Generators and emergency Power Generators Leads a team of skilled electrical technicians and act as interface between management and technical team. Conversant with ICSS control systems, telecommunication equipment, power generation, electrical switch gear, power monitoring systems. Leads ad-hoc teams of contract and vendor technicians for construction and maintenance work as required. Ensures that the facilities and equipment is maintained according to compliance and integrity standards in order to meet expected reliability and ‘uptime’ Key Performance Indicators. Liaises closely with Production Operations, Maintenance and Engineering teams in activity planning, engineering change and cost control. Ensures that procedures for the safe execution of tasks are in place and adhered to (including Task Instructions, Permits-to Work, Task Risk Assessments, and Toolbox Talks). Ensures that all activities are accurately recorded in the maintenance management system, providing all necessary reports to the Operations support team. Assists in recruiting, mentoring, training, and appraising maintenance personnel. Participates in Emergency Response organization as required, Generators, transformers, high and media tension lines, Problem wide current faults and harmonics in the net, SAP CMMS reporting.



Construction Project Manager

Valentim Amões Group Construction Project Manager Building of ceramics plants, plants of briskets – sites Benguela and Huambo, Procurement, Revamping of old plants and the installation in the field. Direct personnel responsible for HSE, quality, engineering, procurement, construction, and business services, including sub-contracts, planning, cost control and information management. Responsible for the installation of industries from the beginning to the star-up.




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Maintenance and Process Manager

Valbopan – Maintenance and Process Manager Responsible for a team of electricians, instrumentation and mechanical technicians that assures the continuous working of the plant (24 hours per day). Plant of medium density fibre wood, 2 boiler’s of 16 tons by hour, 3 presses hydraulics of 70.000 tons each, many groups of ventilation, 3 calibrators, 2 wood cut automatics. SAP CMMS, Training of technicians in Electricity, Mechanic – Training in Automation and programmation of PLC (Siemens, Telemec and Omron), training in electric variations of frequency (SEW and Omron), Training in Pumps, Training in boiler`s and thermic fluids. Study and implementation of ventilation for renovation the air in some areas of the plant. Prepare the plan of investments to increase the production and the quality of the final-product. Identify the needs of human resources in the maintenance organization process and training needs. Provides engineering support by responding to requests for mechanical and electrical problems, and problems related with the production process. The developments of performance standards for principal maintenance activities describing the procedure to be followed, the labor, equipment and the material to be used and the rate of production to be achieved, to meet the predicted workload in terms of specific programs (activities, quantities locations) to be achieved. Responsible for the acquisition, monitoring, implementation, start up and connection with the existing facility of energy plant of 16.5 MWth. The nominal heat outputs are the followings, Combustion capacity ≈ 14 MWth, Combustion chamber temperature 950 °C; Hot gas for Dryer ≈ 7,5 MW, Thermal oil plant ≈ 6,5 MW, Thermal oil temperature 270°C, indirect heater saturated up to 6.5 ton/h for a METSO’s desfibrator. Indirect super heater of water to heat the plates of two open single production press. Monitoring and responsible for implementing the policy of Quality Management Norma by NP EN ISO9001 and CE Certification.



Maintenance and Production Manager

Curel , Cutelarias Luis Matias Maintenance and Production Manager Development and implementation of the maintenance program, Responsible for the orders productions.
Training of technicians in Electricity, Mechanic – development of courses materials, theoretical and OJT’s.



Construction and Maintenance Manager

Cerâmica Vala Lda, bricks plant – Construction and Maintenance Manager, Installation of the second line of production 200 tonsday of bricks. Industrial Engineering Services Supplier. Engineering, Projects, Construction and Erection Manager Plant Designer, Construction Work Direction.




Novalec-Electrónica de Protecção e Comando Lda, Leira – Internship – Phonix Contact, Grasslin, Honeyell, Klocner Moeller, Amano and Saia-Burguess. Automation programs in PLC. Infocontrol-Novalec-Electrónica Protection and command.

Independent Trainer

Independent Professional Training  – Independent Trainer Professional training in industry: introduction to the quality, control of quality, mat, materials technology, tools and machinery, technical design and security in work.

Industry Training

Instituto de emprego e formação profissional de Leiria – Industry Training – Electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanics Teacher. Professional training in electricity, instrumentation and mechanics area to students (equivalent of professional A-Level).

Industrial Construction and Erection Manager

Ibero Fabril, Industrial Plant Construction – Industrial Construction and Erection Manager Industrial Engineering Services Supplier. Engineering, Projects, Construction and Erection Manager Plant Designer, Construction Work Direction.