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  • -10 Years Experience Oil & Gas
  • Chemical Engineering
  • English, Hindu Speaking
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10+ Years Experience as a Chemical Engineer and Process Operator, a competent professional in Plant Operation and process, Safety Management & Quality Compliance regarding chemical treatment in waste water and Crude Distillation in refinery unit (Oil/Gas Sector). Strengths: Flexible, Hardworking ,Quick learner, Good leadership, resourceful, proactive and have initiative, Effective communicator, and good presentation skills, Adapt quickly to new working environments.

Daily Rate $300.00

The Average Day Rate payable for this Process Operator is $300.00 USD per Day. A Standard Contract Working Day is classed as 10 Hours with 1 unpaid Hour for Lunch. Additional allowance is Payable depending on location, which covers, Accommodation, Transport to and from the work site and Daily Allowance for Food, Beverage and Laundry. To estimate your daily team costs select the add this expert to your team. On Completion go to My Completion Team and Complete the Short Inquiry Form and we will do the rest…

Process Plant Operator

Reliance Industries – Field Executive (Process plant operation) – Utility Various Unit operations, Effluent Treatment plant, DCS- Invensys, PLC-Rockwell panel to operation maintain EED to Cyanide removal system and Fluoride removal system. 123×5 M3/Hr capacities of UF and RO, Chlorination system, DM / CPU / Air system / UF / RO / DAF oil removing system / API / TPI / Chlorinator, Fire Network system, Cooling Tower, Commissioning and Pre commissioning activities, P&ID /ISO/PFD Reviews & corrections. PLC to DCS serial linking, Alarm trip schedule, C&E Review, WET/DRY loop clearance, FAT/SAT. 3D Model review ( 30 %, 60% and 90% ). General arrangement Drawings review and rectify in Arena (Appreciated for best suggestion). PSSR- I & II, HAZOP study, Piping – Loop preparation, Hydro test, Flushing, Pigging, Cardboard blasting, Mechanical clearance, ITP Reviews. Functional knowledge: Waste water plant Operation includes Primary section including PDO, API/TPI, DAF (O&G removal), CN treatment, Fluoride Treatment, Heavy metal removal system, and secondary section including Biotower and activated sludge process (Aeration tank & Clarifier) and tertiary section consists of Ultra filtration and RO for TSS & TDS removing. Handling various types of PUMPs, BFP, Blowers, HE, Centrifuge during shift activities, knowledge about PTW. Monitoring dosing system with SOP and Handling chemicals- DOPE,PAC, Chlorine, Lime, DWPE, Lime, H2O2, Acid, Caustic, Ferric chloride, Alum. Safe startup & shut down of various unit during maintenance. Maintaining equipment’s in safe and healthy condition. Coordination with maintenance crew for routine and non-routine maintenance activities. Cooling Tower operation includes Chlorination system, Passivation, commissioning. All sections operational and process parameters close monitoring and reporting. New idea and technique proposal to minimize operation cost. Knowledge about KPIs regarding above all treatment program.



Technical Service Representative

Nalco Water – Technical service representative – Essar Oil Ltd. – for Refinery Waste water treatment (ETP) and Desalter Process (Crude Distillation unit) Operation. IOCL Gujarat Refinery, Baroda CETP (Refinery Waste water treatment plant) Operation. PLC- ABB PM572 for O&G removal Waste water treatment Special Task completed at HPCL refinery, Bombay – Adjust Process & Operation parameters in IETP. Job profile: Crude Desalter operation and distillation operation. Achieving KPIs of Crude distillation of Overhead system. Refinery Waste water treatment operation and Monitoring process parameters. Handling various types of PUMPs, BFP, Blowers, HE, Centrifuge during shift activities, knowledge about PTW. Monitoring dosing system. Safe startup & shut down of various unit during maintenance.



Service Technician

Essar Oil Ltd – Service Technician – Refinery Waste water treatment operation. 288 M3/Hr capacity-O&G removal system. Handling various types of PUMPs, Blowers, HE, Centrifuge during shift activities, knowledge about PTW. Maintaining equipment’s in safe and healthy condition, function knowledge of chlorinator/DAF/Fire network system/API/PTU. Company: Essar Oil Ltd (Contract based with Project Force)

Plant Chemist – Refinery Waste water treatment operation of 288 M3/Hr – O&G removal system. Handling various types of PUMPs, Centrifuge, Blowers and monitoring Chemical dosing system during Shift activities. Maintaining equipment’s in safe and healthy condition, function knowledge of chlorinator/DAF/Fire network system/API/PTU. Waste water treatment analysis of Effluent water include Sulfide, O&G, Chloride, Iron, JAR test, Strength of Acid and Caustic.




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