Senior Instrument Commissioning Technician

  • 10+ Years Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petro-Chemical Experience
  • Diploma Instrument & Controls
  • ILM Leadership Management Certified
  • BOSIET – Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training
  • English, Hindi, Gujarati Speaking
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Extended Profile

10+ years Experience Oil & Gas professional as Lead Commissioning engineer, Supervisors, Technician, Completion engineer, a motivational leader able to mentor others to achieve better. Provide strategic planning and hands on leadership to achieve operational excellence. Able to direct initiatives in environmental health & safety, improve team development with attention to project detail. Skilled in Instrumentation, I was working has been in Instrument Loops testing, function test, Calibration And Commissioning, Activates in process area instrument like Transmitter (Yokogawa FF ),Control Valve with Fisher DVC 6000F Series Positional & Metso & Siemens Positioner, SOV, ESDV, ON/OFF Valve, Thermo couple, RTD, Familiar with 475/ 375/275 Field Communicator, FGS, IPS, DCS, Vibration & Temperature system. PIMS Software, Excel, Word, PowerPoint. Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. Conversant with Completion Systems , ICAPS. Expertise in managing diverse, multi-discipline, multi-cultural teams, Instrumentation Installation, Commissioning, Operation, Maintenance Expert: Gas/ Steam Turbines, Gas Compressors, Diesel Generators, BOP, Drilling Equipment, Skid Process Control Systems, Vessels. Fully conversant with all forms of regulation and legislation for equipment and process & marine system. Capable communicator with regulatory bodies, Processes of Oil, LNG, Natural Gas, Hydrogen, Chemical Plant, Power plant and Gas to Liquid process facility (LNG), Industries of Marine, Petro-Chemical, Offshore/Onshore Oil & Gas


Day Rate $300.00

The Average Day Rate payable for a this Senior Commissioning Technician is $300.00 USD per Day, A Standard Contract Working Day is classed as 10 Hours with 1 unpaid Hour for Lunch. Additional allowance is Payable depending on location, which covers, Accommodation, Transport to and from the work site and Daily Allowance for Food, Beverage and Laundry. To estimate your daily team costs select the Available Button and add this expert to your team. On Completion go to My Completion Team and Complete the Short Inquiry Form and we will do the rest…

Instrument Engineer

Lamprell – Instrumentation Engineer Installation, Commissioning, Controls & Maintenance. Managed system operations and developed new business proposals, Designed sensor cable quickly-disconnect system to avoid damage during testing. Maintained the standards and specifications of instrumentation and control systems. Analyzed maps, reports, tests, drawings and data for planning and designing systems, Performed troubleshooting and repairing equipment, Control Loop Checking and Testing, Managed instrumentation projects within cost and time constrained environments, Prepare and follow LOTO procedure. Followed all safety practices and procedures and corrected unsafe work practices, Co-ordination among engineering, procurement and construction teams to ensure timely and cost effective completion of project review of Pre-commissioning & Commissioning procedures. Monitoring, checking and witness the loop test as per the P&ID, ILD, and Alarm set point list Logic diagram, Cause &Effect diagram, Monitoring, checking of the loop test for All DI, DO, AI, AO signals and common Alarm, feedback signals in the respective ESD, BMS, DCS, and GDS & FAS logics and verified the Graphics. Monitoring, checking of the loop test for all field bus devices of control valve. (Forced from the console and monitoring the feed back in the field and the relevant face plate and graphics) and process instruments. Monitoring, checking of the loop test for rotating equipment auxiliaries like vibration transmitters, transducer for displacement, motion, pressure, temperature. Monitoring, checking of the loop test for all electronic signal related valves like ON/OFF valves, ESD valves, MOV valves. Monitoring, checking of the loop test for panel internal fault and FAS & GDS systems. Monitoring, checking and witness of the Function test for all ESD logic, DCS control, Split range, cascade, over ride and simple control as per the cause &Effect and controller functions as per the P&ID logic diagram with Alarm set point list to all control system, MCMS system for all vendor package item such as compressor, pump and GDS(FAS) system, BMS system. Witness & verification of Function Test folders and make amendment if required.



Instrument Supervisor

ADMA-OPCO – Instrument Supervisor  – Receives Project documentation and understand Scope of Work related to Commissioning discipline. Lead a team to undertake Wellhead Control Panel commissioning activities in projects, Interfaces with other disciplines to ensure integration of activities, Implement & test the subsystems as per project commissioning test sheets. Preparation of method statements, procedures and routines where required, Interface towards Pre-commissioning and Company personnel. Reports on work progress, bringing to notice potential problems or delays and recommends solutions. Assist during the database preparation for pre-commissioning status index and commissioning technical database. Plan, Monitor and assist in Vendor activities as required. Ensure temporary supplies and commissioning spares are adequate for the subsystem testing, Perform inter-discipline checks, Compliance in accordance with HSE Standard.



Senior Instrument Technician

Shell GTL – Lead Instrumentation Technician – Consulted on client-specific process control instrument and equipment issues one of largest GTL (gas to liquid) Plant. Responsible for loop check, commissioning, trouble shooting of coordinate with the principles and main contractors for the planned jobs and brief them the proceedings. Procuring the work permits and make sure all the safety procedures are brought in practice. Job allocation to instrument Technician teams and verify their work quality as per the drawing provided and monitor productivity. Perform Instrument Loops testing, function test, Calibration and commissioning activities in process area Instrument i.e. E and H guide wave radar level Tx, E and H vortex flow transmitter, Honeywell FF series flow Tx, pressure Tx and temperature Tx, Control Valve with Fisher DVC 6000 F series Positioner, Flow servo logix series Positioner and Metso Positioner, SOV, ESDV, ON/OFF Valves, Thermocouple, RTD, familiar with 475 field Communicator. I am involved in FGS, IPS, DCS, Vibration and Temperature (REDAS system) System. Well versed with Honeywell ST 3000 FF system. Coordinate with evinces for MITSUBISHI make Syngas compressor, Thomason make Hydrogen gas compressor and Maanturbo compressor.



Senior Instrumentation Technician

Technimont ICB Borouge – Senior Instrumentation Technician – Worked through Technimont (ICB) Performed Loop checks & Logic checking, activities, Plant Start up Commissioning activities, Trouble shooting during start up.




Senior Instrument Tech

Total YLNG – Senior Instrument Technician – Instruments coordinator with the principles and main contractors for the planned jobs and brief them the proceedings. Prepare work permits and make sure all the safety procedures are brought in practice. Perform Instrument Loops testing, function test, Calibration and Commissioning activities in process area Instrument like transmitter (Yokogawa FF) Control Valve with Fisher DVC 6000 F series Positioner and Metso , SOV , ESDV, ON/OFF Valves, Thermocouple, RTD, familiar with 375 field Communicator. Good exposure in FGS, IPS, DCS, Vibration and Temperature System.




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Senior Commissioning Technician

Yanbu Petrochemicals – Senior Commissioning Instrument – Successfully Commissioned include Loop checking for YOKOGAWA Transmitter, MOV, control valves, Flow Meters, Radar type LT and Bently Navda 3500Vibration Monitoring System and also working in YOKOGAWA FIELDBUS System as well as fire & gas System. Loop Checking of field Instruments from field to Control room related to SMART Instruments and DCS make YOKOGAWA CS3000 R3 AND FIELDBUS BY YOKOGAWA. Carry out Maintenance Activities for all the integrated Control system for Yokogawa CS3000 and Carry out all site modifications for software and hardware configurations.