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10+ Years Oil and Gas Experience A competent Senior Mechanical Commissioning Engineer experience in Project Management, An accomplished Commissioning Professional, Pre-commissioning, commissioning, start up and operation of Oil & gas offshore and onshore Brow field project yard commissioning & process plant. Preparing Pre-Commissioning and commissioning procedures and as Build Drawings such Operations Readiness and hand-over documents and populating using the IT tracking tools WINPCS, ICAPS & EM Pegasus. Hand on experience in Panel and field, oil stabilization, gas sweetening using MDEA ( Amine absorption and amine regeneration units), Gas dehydration units using TEG, Sulphur recovery unit(SRU)(Claus Recovery process)TGTU (Tail Gas Treating Unit) Condensate stabilization units, LPG treating units.



Day Rate $400.00 USD

The Average Day Rate payable for this Senior Mechanical Commissioning Engineer is $400.00 USD per Day. A Standard Contract Working Day is classed as 10 Hours with 1 unpaid Hour for Lunch. Additional allowance is Payable depending on location, which covers, Accommodation, Transport to and from the work site and Daily Allowance for Food, Beverage and Laundry. To estimate your daily team costs select the add this expert to your team. On Completion go to My Completion Team and Complete the Short Inquiry Form and we will do the rest…



Commissioning Engineer

Commissioning Engineer – Tecnicas Reunidas – Petronas Rapid 3 project, Pengaran

Senior Commissioning Engineer

Senior Commissioning Engineer – Petrofac International LLC – Sohar Refinery improvement project Oman – Prepare the pre-commissioning, commissioning, start up and handing over procedures. Preparation and review the mechanical commissioning Operational Test Procedures (OTP’s), Leak Test & Inerting Procedures, Drying Out Test Procedures, Job Risk Assessment(JSA) Deliverable are define each operator action. Responsibilities include commissioning and start up, stabilization, and normal operation until the unit is getting handed over to client successfully. Leading the team of operators in field and panel to ensure smooth operation of the units. Review of P&ID, ESD Cause & Effect diagrams and Control narrative to ensure plant integrity.


Top Side Commissioning Lead Completion

Top Side Commissioning Lead Completion – Subsea 7 – EXXON MOBIL Erha North Phase-2 FPSO – The Erha North Phase 2 development is an extension of the existing Erha subsea system and infrastructure, which is currently producing to the existing Erha Floating Production, Storage and Offloading vessel (FPSO) located in OML 133 in Nigerian waters (in water depth ranging from 1000 to 1200 m). All new subsea wells will be clustered into three new drill centers connected to existing subsea facilities and to the existing FPSO. The overall offshore scope of work can be summarized as follows: Commissioning Production Lines and Manifold, Water Injection Lines and Manifold. Commissioning of Umbilical’s and associated UTA (Main Topside Umbilical Termination Assembly and ISU Topside Umbilical Termination Assembly). Commissioning of Methanol Injection Manifold Skid. Commissioning of Chemical Injection Package. Including commissioning of fuel gas line, instrument airline, Pig receiver/ Launcher and associated lines. Commissioning of Sump Pump Skid. Commissioning of Power and Instrument Gas Skid. Commissioning of Closed Drain Vessel Skid. Pre-commissioning and Commissioning activities, Leak test with N2/He and De-oiling. Responsibilities: Leading Mechanical commissioning team on mechanical completion and commissioning of marine and topside systems. Assisting commissioning manager on day to day activities at offshore on Hook up, pre-commissioning, commissioning and dynamic commissioning of topside systems. Preparing and Verifying all documents required for Turnover and Commissioning Package (TCP). Planning and coordinate mobilization of different vendors for equipment commissioning and start up The scope of work also includes all required Survey, Interfaces and achieving milestones such as first oil / water injection/First off take and Gas lift operations. Receiving check sheets and punch list creation, data updating of receiving inspection and punch details in project management system called EM Pegasus. Assist with the validation of Engineering data to System / Subsystem and completeness checking. Coordinating with management on commissioning and quality related issues. Coordinating punch killing process and follow up resolving punch items. Preparing final documentation at the end of each platform work from the submission to the client for final acceptance. Liaising with subcontractor in technical clarifications and quality issues. Review the project technical documentation and the client requirements. Preparing mark –up P &ID for commissioning procedure. Good knowledge of the documents needed for Mechanical Completion. System Acceptance Certificate, Commissioning & System Handover. Preparing and getting single off Discipline Mechanical Completion Certificate (DMCC), System Mechanical Certificate (SMCC), Ready for Commissioning Certificate (RFCC) and System Turnover Notice ( STN) from the client. Leading team of commissioning technicians and Workers in every stage of commissioning activities. Area completion , Sub system acceptance and necessary documents for commissioning such as PTW (permit to work) LOTO ( lock out tag out). Preparation and review the mechanical commissioning Operational Test Procedures (OTP’s), Leak Test & Inerting Procedures, Drying Out Test Procedures, Job Risk Assessment(JSA) Deliverables are define each operator action. Assist external interface with COMPANY Systems Completion. Support Administration of Systems Completion Database EMpegasus. Prepare & complete the Process EM pegasus commissioning data base. Involve Daily meeting for commissioning, Hook-Up, E&I activities development. Participate in tool box meetings. Final test and inspection execution, preparation, schedule, for Exxon Mobil Nigeria. Lead final test Subcontract award and follow up as well as Offshore Operation Execution for final test. International expertise gained having worked with Japanese, Italians, French,Romanian, Venezuela, Chinese, Indonesian, Arabic, Iranian , Spanish, Korean, British, Kurdish, Filipino’s and Nigerians.



Pre-Commissioning Engineer

Pre-Commissioning Engineer – ENI Saipem – Saudi Arabia – Arabiyha & Hasbah Offshore – The Arabiyah Hasbah Field Development will comprise thirteen (13) Wellhead Platforms (WHP), each supporting a single well and functioning unmanned toexport up to 350 MMSCFD gas to the corresponding Tie-In Platforms (TP) via a 12”flow line. One TP will commingle and export 1,450 MMSCFD (maximum) from up tosix Arabiyah WHPs and the other will commingle and export 1,600 MMSCFD(maximum) from up to seven Hasbah WHPs. Each TP will function un-manned, and export gas to the Wasit Gas Plant (WGP) viaa 36” trunk line. The Offshore Facility Consist of Wellhead Production (WHP) Flowline (WHP) and Trunkline (TP), MEG (WHP,TP,IIP) DIESEL (TP,IIP), SULFUR SOLVUENT (WHP &TP), Sea water Washdown System(TP,IIP),Closed Drain(WHP, TP &IIP), Open Drain (WHP,TP and IIP) Flare (WHP &TP) Corrosion Inhibitor Injection (IIP,TP), Helifuel (IIP) Scraper Launchers and receivers (WHP,TP and IIP (intermediate injection platform). Responsibilities: Preparing and review Commissioning Operational Test procedure. Preparing the pre-commissioning, startup and hand over procedure. Review the project technical documentation and the client requirements. Update punch list and validate the punch list item clearance. Preparing mark –up P &ID for commissioning procedure. Co-ordination with other discipline engineers for preparing the procedures. Involve Daily meeting for commissioning and Hook-up activities development.




Operational Support Engineer

Operational Support Engineer – Zhaikmunai LLP, Chinarevskoye Field, Kazakhstan – The Zhaikmunai LLP GTU complex design is based on the feed supply from two primary sources namely one, CGTU stream and other AGTU stream. The CGTU and AGTU streams combine to feed Train 1 and Train 2. Each train is designed for a maximum of 50% of the total flow. Train 1 will be designed to initially handle a minimum turndown rate of 200 million M3/ Yr. The GTU complex consists of inlet separation and gas compression, condensate stabilization, sour gas treating, dew point processing, NGL fractionation, amine regeneration, sulfur recovery and sulfur degassing, thermal oxidizer and other system including propane refrigeration, glycol regeneration, hot oil heating, fuel gas treating and various other utilities. Responsibilities: In Commissioning face. Preparation and review the mechanical commissioning Operational Test Procedures (OTP’s), Leak Test &Inerting Procedures, Drying Out Test Procedures, Job Risk Assessment(JSA) Deliverables are define each operator action. Producing reference mark-up P&ID & PFD for Commissioning Procedures. Prepare the pre-commissioning, commissioning, start up and handing over procedures. Review the project technical documentation and the contractual requirements. Supervised pre-commissioning work forces team in execution and achieving system completion status. Update punch list and validate the punch-list item clearance. co-ordination with other discipline engineers for preparing the procedures. Review of vendor’s installation, operation and maintenance manuals. prepare & complete the Process ICAPS commissioning data base. Raise Permit to Work (PTW) request form and implement the prescribed control measures. Attend the Pre-Startup-Safety-Review (PSSR) meetings. In Startup face Monitor process parameters in the control room (Allen Bradley Control Logic V 16.6) and co-ordinate intervention activities. Direct/guide the Control room operations & maintenance team to execute the production and routine first line maintenance activities in oil/gas facilities, whilst ensuring that production targets are met and the wells, facilities maintenance, integrity, HSE and business requirements are satisfied. Support Operation personnel on critical situations; Support Operation personnel during major start up and shut down operations; Support Operation personnel during major emergency situations; Assist, as required, in emergencies on the plant. Monitor operating parameters of level, pressure, flow rate, temperature and ensure plant is operating within operational envelope. Assist the team leader in preparation of monthly plant performance and Equipment run-hours, including availability statistics. Keep track of activities of on the plant rehab works and make same available to the team leader.




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Commissioning Specialist / Control Room Supervisor

Commissioning Specialist /Control Room Supervisor – Crescent Petroleum Iraq – The plant 1 is designed 150 MMSCFD & plant 2 is Designed is 150MMSCFD Cryogenic Natural Gas Liquids Recovery Plant. Plant processes sour Gas to Produce LPG consisting of a 70/30 Propane / butane mix.Stabilizer condensate with a maximum Reid Vapour Pressure 12Psi and residue gas suitable for use as fuel in heavy duty gas turbines. The plant consists of Inlet gas Separation, Amine Unit, Molecular sieve dehydration, a cryogenic turbo-expander type liquids recovery unit, a debutanizer unit, and residue compressor as well as associated utilities and services. The plant consist of Early production Facility – MEG regeneration , condensate recovery .


PreCommissioning Engineer

Pre-Commissioning Engineer – Petrofac E&C International – BG Husdrubal Gas Terminal, Tunisia Project – Responsibilities, Perform technical tasks assigned by Commissioning Leader; preparation of the pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up activities. Interface with engineering disciplines, licensors, vendors and subcontractors. Pre-Commissioning Activities which includes Air Blowing, Steam Blowing, water flushing, High Pressure Leak Test, Dew Point Checking, Chemical cleaning, Lube oil flushing. Associated with Combustion Inspection, Hot Gas path Inspection. Operational Mechanical and Functional Test for Pumps and Compressors. Start up and shut down of all rotating equipment’s.  Preparation of Time Schedule for various commissioning activities in consultation with customer. Issuing all type of permit and implementing all the condition mentioned. Verifying whether all the ongoing activities in the field are with proper work permit and whether they are going on as per the rules and regulations of Fire and Safety Dept. Ensuring all the fire and safety equipment are defect free and are within expiry date. Involve Daily meeting for commissioning and operation activities development.




Commissioning Supervisor

Commissioning Supervisor – South Pars Gas Field Development, Phase 6, 7 & 8 Assaluyeh, IRA Nunder Toyo Engineering Corporation – National Iran oil company – The plant designed to produce, treat & transport a total of 3900 MMSCFD of Reservoir fluid. The on shore gas plant produces gaseous ethane, propane, Butane and stabilized condensate (10000 barrels of condensate. Experienced with the following Units. Dehydration Unit. NGL Extraction & Fractionation Unit. Propane Refrigeration Unit. Condensate Stabilization Unit (Csu). Mono-Ethylene Glycol (Meg). Sour Water Stripper.



Process Supervisor

Process Supervisor under contract for GAIL INDIA LTD, Gandhar – Experience in LPG Recovery Plant: Gas drying and regeneration section Feed gas compressor (G.T driven – made – Solar Caterpillar). Condensate fractionation (LEF, LPG , & SBP columns). Chill down section. Natural gas expansion and re-compression (Turbo expander made – Atlas Copco). Lean gas compressor ( G.T driven – made – Solar caterpillar). Hot Oil Circulating System. Operation of Compressor (Air, Gas). LPG storage and Re-circulation system. CNG loading. Responsibilities: Ensure normal operation of plant and equipment. Routine checking of all equipment and monitoring of operational parameters. Regular reporting of abnormalities, failures and rectifying the problems with corrective actions according to the instructions from the control room. Changeover of equipments according to running hours and procedure of the instructions from the control room. Ensure the dosing if chemical in time. Collect and report details of chemical consumption and stock. Trouble shooting during electrical failure, instrument air failure, power failure, etc.



Commissioning Operator

Commissioning Operator – Natural Gas To Gasoline (NTGG) R&D Project – GAIL INDIA