Senior Process Commissioning Engineer

  • 15+ Years Experience in Oil and Gas
  • Project Management
  • Process Engineering
  • English, Russian Speaking
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15+ Years Experience as a Senior Process Commissioning Engineer, a highly skilled Commissioning Specialist with over 15 years of Oil & Gas, Metallurgical experience, including commissioning and start up activities, production and technical assistance service, training in multinational company´s works. Experience in: Gas Treatment, Enhanced Liquid Recovery, Catalytic Process Oil Stabilization, LPG, LNG, Steam Plant, and familiar with: Turbo Expanders, Main Cryogenic Heat Exchangers, Cold Box, Centrifugal Compressors, Reciprocating Compressors, GTG, Centrifugal and Reciprocating Pumps, HTF system, Heaters and Reboilers, Propane refrigeration unit, GE Gas Turbines (frame 5 & 7). DRI Gas plant, Iron Ore concentrators start up. Good skilled to manage a work team with vast experience in EHS management. Ability to read and understand technical documents, eg PFD, P&IDs, ISO and C&E. Proficient in the use of MS Office, MS Project, AutoCad and Complete-IT (Database based on WinPCS), ProArc (Docs Archive Program), INtools, Navisworks, and DDMS, PDMS, EasyPlant software for upload of procedures, checklists, and transmittals documents. Outstanding verbal and written communication skills which helped me to develop faithful customer relationships. Languages: Russian (native), English (fluent). Management of multi-discipline teams enhancing project profitability. Excellent organization and planning skills. Strong presentation, technical, analytical and troubleshooting skills. Self-motivated with the ability to initiate plans and carry out all assignments professionally, diligently and expeditiously in accordance with company needs.

Daily Rate $400.00

The Average Rate payable for this Senior Process Commissioning Engineer is $400.00 USD per Day. A Standard Contract Working Day is classed as 10 Hours with 1 unpaid Hour for Lunch. Additional allowance is Payable depending on location,  which covers, Accommodation, Transport to and from the work site and Daily Allowance for Food, Beverage and Laundry. To estimate your daily team costs select the add this expert to your team. On Completion go to My Completion Team and Complete the Short Inquiry Form and we will do the rest…

Process Commissioning Engineer

Process Commissioning Engineer (Trains) Yamal LNG Project, Technip – Responsibilities: Pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up activity, including coordination and supervision of vendor’s activities. Issuing and follow up the procedure of steaming, chemical cleaning and preservation of equipment. Inspect & test tanks and internals, supervise vessel internals installation, including trays, weirs & packing. Responsible for isolation registers during commissioning phase. Administer permit to work procedure prior to operations handover. Provide a full briefing of vendor’s procedures and field training for all subordinated personnel in order to improve the technical knowledge. Prior to client commissioning activities as lubrication & preventative maintenance, motor solorun and dynamic testing. Performing MOP and GALT leak testing. Air Blow, Water Flushing, Steam Blow, Pump & Compressor Test run with Inert fluid, Operational Tightness Test, Inerting. Refractory Dry out, Hydrocarbon introduction. RFC walk downs. AGR unit hot water circulation MS preparation. HO Hot oil circulation MS preparation. General Method statements preparation. Site Instructions for subcontractors. Critical lines identification and inspection. AXENS Catalyst Loading to Dehydration and Mercury adsorbers. Preparing and clearing Punchlist, performing pre-commissioning and commissioning activities of the plants. Preparing test packs for air blowing, mechanical cleaning and big bore pipe inspections. Performing air blowing, mechanical cleaning and big bore pipe inspections. Functional testing of ESD and Control loops. Support to operation.



Lead Commissioning Engineer

Lead Commissioning Engineer – Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche SpA – THAICHIN, Myanmar Reduction Plant (Gas DRI Plant) – Responsibilities: Mechanical Completion Systems identification (During project development in Italy). Provide coordination and leadership to the start-up/testing and commissioning program from initial plan development through execution of the construction turnover, testing, start-up, commissioning and turnover to operations for the defined project scope. Organize commissioning activities: make sure the assigned team matches the project content and schedule. Develop detailed project specific start-up/testing and commissioning plans and schedules for incorporation in to the overall project plan and schedule and follow it up. To coordinate plant tests: start-up of the plant and coordination of mechanical tests (solo-run, cold test hot tests), electrical (solo-run, cold test, hot tests tests). Program preparation for water flushing CW, QCW, KW circuits. Steam blowing reformer turbines and PG compressor turbine. Process Gas heater refractory dry out. Program preparation for air blowing for gas lines. Performing NG, PG compressors cold test and refurbishment activity. Coordination of contractual reception tests with customer: adequacy with contract, turnover to customer without defects, follow-up of punch list items. Coordination of preliminary checks on functional systems: adequacy of as built systems with commissioning documentation, put under fluid, under voltage, control of results in the respect of the Company process. Coordination of plant tests: start-up of the plant and coordination of mechanical tests, electrical tests, on load tests. Coordination of activities with an impact on commissioning: correlate the different phases and the project scope, anticipate the personnel needs from the Company and external companies if part of the commissioning is subcontracted. Preparation of “end of erection strategy” and coordinate with construction team to apply it. Coordinate the functional systems turn-over to commissioning. Identification and analyze technical problems: watch for defects and find solutions, ask for adequate technical support, report problems. Writing weekly commissioning reports. Follow-up non conformity, as-built documentation. Provide start-up/testing and commissioning focused input into the construction planning and work scheduling. Creating the project specific Construction Turnover Package templates for contractors. Creating the project specific testing, start-up and commissioning procedures. Executing the testing, start-up and commissioning program. Preparing and conducting testing, start-up and commissioning related training. Completing turnover of tested systems to the plant operations. Coordinating training with Plant Facilities Manager and/or client specified personnel. Coordinating Commissioning Craft Labor needs with Lead Construction Field Engineer and/or construction contractors. Managing Construction Turnover and System Turnover process. Identifying lock out/ tag out plan to be used during transition from construction to commissioning care custody and control.



Lead Process Commissioning Engineer

Lead Commissioning Engineer, Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche SpA – ZZ Steel Direct Reduction Plant (Gas DRI Plant) – Worked with following equipment: Natural Gas Steam Reformer commissioning and startup- Linde. Steam Turbines – GE-Dresser Rand. Emergency diesel test. Process Gas Heater commissioning and startup- Linde. Compressors for cooling gas and process gas commissioning and startup – GE Reactor commissioning and startup- HYL.  Quenching system. Material Handling and Dedusting System. CO2 removal system commissioning and startup – Linde. Responsibilities: Mechanical Completion of all systems. Preparation of Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance Procedures. (During project development in Italy). Systems identification (During project development in Italy) Track Changes and Queries against Systems, sub-system, Areas, Work-packs and documents. Completions status reporting. Verification of system installation and acceptability for initial operation. Certification records and system handover documentation. Preparation of Cold test certificates and submission to client. Program preparation for water flushing CW, QCW, KW circuits. Process Gas heater refractory dry out. Steam blowing reformer turbines and PG compressor turbine. Program preparation for air blowing for gas lines. Mechanical Completion data base tracking and updating. Provide Overall status of Systems and Areas, including Outstanding Work and Punch lists. Report status of handover from Construction to Pre-/Commissioning and from Commissioning to Operations. Reporting of a “ready status” for loop/circuits testing and interlock matrix. Priority settings to identify critical items or systems. Interface handling, between contractors, sub-contractors of system and areas. Submitting to client documentation via DDMS software. Site surveys and meeting with client. Punch List management and reporting. Produced detailed reports on plant trips and equipment cold/hot start-up reports as part of the process team including the following: Steam blowing report, PG heater & Reactor Dry-out report, Flue Gas Fan Turbine, Combustion Air Fan Turbine, Boiler Feed Water Pump Turbine and Process Gas Compressor Turbine No-Load & Load test Reports and CO2 system cold & hot washing report. Assist to HYL technological partner for preparation of training and maintenance procedures. Assist to HYL technological partner for develop detailed plans for run-in and run-out of shutdown together with planning individual work scopes within the shutdown including pre shutdown, execution and post shutdown activities.



Shut-Down Coordinator

Shut-Down Coordinator – Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche SpA. – Steel Direct Reduction Plant ( Gas DRI Plant) phase 2 – Responsibilities: Preparation and integration of all shutdown works in the overall shutdown plan. Steam turbines (PG, BFW, ID/FD) refurbishment. Ensure complete shutdown and startup procedures are in place in a timely manner so that training can be completed at least one month prior to shut down. To ensure optimal blind lists and blinding plans (i.e. sequence, fresh air needs and scaffolding) are developed and issued to meet the SD milestones. Oversee the SD operations prep and PTW process to ensure equipment preparation, blinding and permitting is completed in a safe and efficient manner. Job Method of Statement and detailed risk assessments related to shutdown activities preparation. Prepares the forecasts of manpower requirements for shutdowns. Organizing shut down activities: make sure the assigned team matches the shutdown plan and schedule. Monitoring and reporting of shutdowns activities where data base update is required. Participate in the chemical cleaning / decontamination / inertisation planning. Supervise activity of – Reformer and Hydro -Desulphurizer units catalyst replacement. Define and organize the logistics requirements for shutdowns. Closing of Defect Reports and Nonconformity queries. Cold test execution of new Cooling gas and Pneumatic transport compressors. Process Gas Separator chevron replacement coordination with confined sparse detailed procedure. Steam Reformer burners change out. Assistance to the client operation team for cold startup of the DRP plant. Performance of Process Guaranty Test after plant SD and revamping.



Commissioning & Start up Supervisor

Commissioning & Start up Supervisor – Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche SpA, Project: Iran, Sangan Iron Mine Project Concentrator Plant – Responsibilities: Commissioning and Start Up of following systems: 2.6 Million Ton/Y iron ore beneficiation plant operation. Natural iron ore crushing by Gyratory crusher and 1st 2nd 3rd grinding systems. AG mill and Ball mill – 6750 kW (CEMTEC),Tower mill-1120 kW X5 (EIRICH) etc operation to get optimum size of material. Cluster Cyclones operation to separate the optimum size of fine material. Cobber, Rougher, Scavenger, Finisher LIMS operation to separate Fe3O4. Plough feeder and Reclaim conveyor operation. Crusher, screener, de-duster, vi-bro feeder, diverter chut, conveyor belts operation. 2.1 Million Ton/Y tailing separation from Iron concentrate. Rougher, conditioner, cleaner and scavenger flotation cells using to separate sulfur. Proper chemical such as SIPX, NaSH, MIBC, Na2Co3 dossing in flotation cells. Thickener and under flow pumps operation. High capacity slurry pumps operation for product transport and de-watering. Flow, pressure, density, level, PH, vibration etc. Flocculent, coagulant, PAA etc. adjustment for recovery water from tailings. Pinion, bearing and hydraulic oil pump operation for big machines. Ore transfer by different conveyor belts, plough feeder operation. Crusher (Gyratory Pebble), screens, magnetic separator etc. operation. Flotation cells operation to remove sulfur by proper chemicals dossing. Air compressor, cooling tower and high capacity slurry pumps etc. operation. ALL PROCESS DRIVEN BY – Siemens and Allen Bradley PLCs.




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Outage Coordinator

Outage Coordinator – Granite Service International [GE Energy affiliate] (Tengiz (TCO) Aksay (KPO) Karabotan (AGIP) Ekaterenbyrt (Ibedrolla) – Responsibilities: Coordinate outages to ensure safe and reliable operations for GE compressors. Providing support to all levels of management and personnel. Performs outage planning with SM’s to ensure the right crews are assigned for successful and timely completion of each work scope. Verifies employee readiness for execution of assigned tasking. Develops and manages training programs in order to reach and exceed industry standards while preparing the employee for future assignments. Minimize the cost of bench time due non-working retained resources. Partner with customer and SM’s for strategic capacity planning. Manage field employees; including support to the HR and stressing safety requirements. Addressing daily employee needs and requests. Oversee the mobilization/demobilization process for field employees. Maintain positive employee relations and resolve employee performance issues in a timely manner. Ensure accuracy of mobilization logistics and job data in all databases. Obtain complete job mobilization data, employee feedback, and weekly reports, employee and site safety issues supporting the HSE department.



Commissioning Engineer

Commissioning Engineer – General Electric – KTZ Kazakhstan – Responsibilities: Responsible for Commissioning and Maintenance activities. I commissioned and put in service new fleet of locomotives, performing installation and dismantling of diesel engines 7FDL, EVO, Traction motors, GE locos control system.



Production Engineer

Production Engineer – J. Ray McDermott  – Pearl GTL (SHELL) – Responsibilities: Assistance and co-ordination with the fabrication superintendent. Co-ordination with other departments and review 4/week look ahead. Participate in weekly meetings with senior production engineers for progress, 4WLA & job planning. Out of sequence activity planning and weekly fabrication progress reporting. Visit the site on a daily basis and verify the work in progress. Review and provide input to secondary cable routing (branch cable trays, channel trays, single tubing). Advise fabrication crew location of small E&I equipment that are not sufficiently detailed in the AFC drawings. Issue materials to Yard as required. Identify material shortages and raise requisitions as required. Monitor and follow up, of outstanding materials. Coordination of Hook & Commissioning activities.



Utilities Maintenance Supervisor

Utilities Maintenance Supervisor – Eurest Support Service [ESS] – Karabotan (AGIP) Responsibilities: Operation and Maintenance of sewage and water treatment plants supplying water to residential camps. Operation and maintenance of gas boilers. Running of Irrigation project. Supervision of personnel fulfilling maintenance and remedial activities. Supervision and coordination of water/ sewage lines repairs. Water storage tanks cleaning and disinfection. Effluent water storage tanks cleaning. Ensuring all works are completed with high Safety standard and in accordance to Client requirements.



DCS Junior Engineer

DCS Junior Engineer – Fluor  – Tengiz, Second Generation Plant (SGP) – Responsibilities: Position involved leading a team of field technicians, vendors and subcontractors to provide project wide pre-commissioning and commissioning activities. These activities include site acceptance tests, communications and bitmap verification, system integration, loop checking field IO, ESD and F&G cause & effect testing and facilitating system handover to the client. Further general responsibilities include organizing vendors, managing subcontractors, interfacing with construction and various other disciplines, resolving problems with engineering, troubleshooting problems in the field and liaison with the client. This required working independently without supervision, leading and directing multiple teams of technicians,  communicating clearly both verbally and in writing with other project personnel from other nationalities.



Control Room Operator DCS

Control Room Operator DCS  – Eni – KPC processing complex – Control Room Operator DCS (with promotion to Supervisor) – Field Operator Was responsible for operation and maintenance of below systems: Steam generation system HP Boilers MACCHI 4×115 t/h,40 bar,400 t. Fuel gas and diesel facility, scrubber and booster pumps. Steam Turbine Generator MAN10.5 Mw, back pressure, 40/5 bar, 400/170 t. Let down station from HP/MP and HP/LP, MP 20 bar, LP 20 bar and correction of temperature (desuperheater) an according with parameters of customer. Water treatment Sand filters, Reverse osmosis, Mixed bed filters, two trains 60 m3/h each. Regeneration and waste water treatment, chemical facility. Condensate recovery system, flash drums, activated carbon filters, storage tanks. Boiler feed water unit, Atmospheric deaerators, chemical facilities (Oxygen scavenger, Corrosion inhibitor) Boiler feed water pumps driven by electrical motor Ingersoll and steam turbine Dresser Rand. ALL PROCESS DRIVEN BY DCS – Honyewell, Rock well, Turwin.