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  • 20+ Years Experience
  • Commissioning Construction Management
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20+ Years Experience in Oil Gas a Start Up Commissioning Manager experience in refinery and gas plant operations management and consulting in commissioning and start-up, assisting clients to safely and efficiently bring facilities on line. Extensive experience operating in a team environment to best serves the needs of the client and project. Worked in facilities worldwide in project management and consulting roles for pre-commissioning, commissioning, completions, start-up, facility prove out, turnaround coordination, operator training, construction coordination, system punch-listing/walk-down, field engineering, technical writing, safety auditing, process optimization, furnace design and Inspections, system prioritization, and P&ID review and verification.



Daily Rate $500.00

The Average Rate payable for this Start Up Commissioning Manager is $500.00 USD per Day. A Standard Contract Working Day is classed as 10 Hours with 1 unpaid Hour for Lunch. Additional allowance is Payable depending on location to cover Accommodation, Transport to and from the work site and Daily Allowance for Food, Beverage and Laundry. To estimate your daily team costs select add this expert to your team. On Completion go to My Completion Team and Complete the Short Inquiry Form and we will do the rest…

Construction Superintendent

Construction Superintendent – Uwharrie Builders managing subcontractor work for Civil, Structural, HVAC, and MEP. West Virginia project for Proctor & Gamble.

O & M Superintendent

Technip – O & M Superintendent – PAGMI – PDVSA project for two (2) train Gas Dehydration facility in Guiria, Venezuela. Each train capable of 150 MMSFCD gas processing via glycol closed-loop circulation.


Commissioning Manager 3

Commissioning Manager 3 – Chevron Philips Chemicals – Old Ocean – Manage activities for two polyethylene production facilities and the OSBL support units including Storage-In-Transit handling of raw products. Project execution site is in Old Ocean, Texas.



Completions Manager

Completions Manager – Worley-Parsons – Celanese Fairway Project, Clear Lake Texas. – Manage and execute pre-commissioning and Completions for facility expansion of a methanol unit addition and upgrading support services.

EPCM Completions Manager – Worley-Parsons – Invista Chemicals Project – Assigned with assuring all project completions database and documentation requirements are maintained up-to-date and transition to client handover at end of project.

PMC Commissioning Manager – Worley-Parsons – Refinery Upgrade Project – Esmeralda, Ecuador – Charged with pre-commissioning, commissioning, and start-up of post-revamp of facility. Managed South Korea E&C Company as the LSTK contractor responsible for construction in process areas.


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PMC Commissioning Manager 2

PMC Commissioning Manager 2 – Fluor – Shah Gas Development Project – Project involved utilities and off-sites. Responsible for managing the EPC contractor’s (Samsung) responsibility for gas plant project execution. Participated in SIL reviews for project while working in Samsung main offices in Seoul, South Korea.



Mechanical Coordinator-Startup

Mechanical Coordinator-Startup – Total Refinery Expansion – Assigned to Business Integration Group for start-up of the Coker and KNHT facility. Responsible for coordination of craft persons for all disciplines associated with the Coker start-up. Main functions included prioritizing and assigning work as needed for completion of mechanical work to support start-up.


FMS Coordinator-PMC Commissioning and Start-Up

FMS Coordinator-PMC Commissioning and Start-Up – Total – Total Refinery Coker and KNHT Facility – Reporting to the DCP Commissioning Group for the Coker and KNHT facility. Responsible for preparation of subsystem sequencing and direction of construction activities for completion and subsequent start-up on units involved. Assisted in planning, turnover, and hydro-test package assembly for subsystem completions to consummate target dates for start-up.


Shift Controller

Shift Controller – Bechtel International – Responsible for pre-commissioning, commissioning, and start-up of two (2) NGL trains in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Each train’s capacity was 440 tons/hr. processing raw high H2S field gas and associated removal of H2S (Amine). Steam generation by HRSG systems on gas fired turbine drive compressors for export purposes.


Senior Commissioning Manager

Senior Commissioning Manager – CB&I – Malongo Terminal, Angola, Africa. Commissioning Manager tasked with execution of activities associated with pre-commissioning and commissioning a 25 mmscfd gas plant, including gas turbine generators. Senior Commissioning Specialist. Responsible for creating system designations, setting construction priorities, writing pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures, and advising client staff for successful start-up of facilities. Oversaw the implementation of LOTO program, scheduled vendor supplied training, and supervised check-out of ESD systems and devices.


Coordinator / Commissioning Manager

Flying J Corporation – Big West Oil Project Development – Coordinator/Commissioning Manager – Worked closely with the project engineers and operations group to help expedite identifying and developing project work scopes. Conducted project quality assurance reviews and facilitated development of operating procedures for new equipment installation to assure efficiency and quality in the project execution process.
Manager of Commissioning / Training / Start-Up: Worked on this special assignment as Manager of Commissioning/Training/Start-Up of a mild hydrocracker unit which had been de-commissioned for five years. In charge of development of operational procedures, operator training for field and Console Operators, tracking and completion of mechanical modifications, and development of unit operating manual.
Console Operator – Area #2. Control Operator using Honeywell TDC 3000 DCS system for Catalytic Reformer Unit (CRU4), Gas Fired and Waste Heat Steam Generation, LPG and Off Gas Amine Treaters, Phosam Unit, HTU, CD Hydro, Sat Gas Units, and Vapor Recovery Units (VRS-Flare Gas). Console Operator – Area #1. Control operator using Honeywell TDC 3000 DCS system for Catalytic Reformer Unit (CRU1), Gas Fired and Waste Heat Steam Generation boilers, NHT Unit, WWHRU Unit, Vapor Recovery Units (VRS-Flare / Blanket Gas).

Refinery Shift Superintendent

Refinery Shift Superintendent – Sincor – Sincrude Upgrader Facility – Responsible for coordination of operations and mechanical activities for 284 M B/D Sincrude upgrader facilities. Start-Up Advisor/Construction Liaison: Sincor – Sincor Coker Unit, Jose, Venezuela. Responsible for operator training and generation of punch-lists for piping, instrumentation, and operational system procedures. Monitored construction activities, instrumentation checkout including failsafe devices, and checkout of rotating equipment for high-pressure cutting and hydraulic drilling equipment. Responsible for inspection and verification of furnace construction as per design P&IDs.


Operadora Cerro Negro

Operadora Cerro Negro – Coker Project  Jose – Advisor to operations personnel and mechanical support group for a 48M B/D, four-drum Coker. Start-Up Coordinator, Power Industries Consultants (Venezuela) Petrozuata – Refinery and upgrader Project Start-Up, Jose, Venezuela. Consultant-Start-Up responsible for training operations personnel for production of punch lists and the tracking of construction progress. Assisted and advised operators for 120M B/D refinery and upgrader project start-up including a 60K B/D four drum Coker.



Commissioning Manager

Commissioning Manager, Foster Wheeler – SWOPS – PMC Sincor Delayed Coker Upgrader Project. Responsible for review and editing of writing operator manuals and identification of operating systems, including commissioning and start-up procedures. Reliance Petroleum, Limited, Jamnagar, India, and Kunming, China. Served as Process Operations Advisor responsible for training of operations personnel in field situations, advising in-house of design advancements, providing start-up assistance to clients, and preparing operating manuals. This included on-site preparation of procedures and documentation for start-up of an aromatics facility in Kunming, China. Field Specialist, PIC Process Services Corporation, Concepcion, Chile. Consultant/Advisor for four (4) drum Coker and NHT unit start-up. Subcontracted to Foster-Wheeler to provide training and start-up assistance for operations group. Crown Central Petroleum Refinery; Pasadena, TX. Responsible for unit operations, coke cutting, drum switching, etc. Turnaround Supervisor for unit shut down and revamp of two (2) existing furnaces and overall unit turnaround activities.