Start Up Commissioning Manager

  • 20+ Years Oil & Gas Experience
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Pre-Commissioning
  • Project Management
  • English, Hindu Speaking


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20+ years of experience in the oil industry Start Up Commissioning Manager a result Oriented Engineering and MBA graduated professional with over 21 plus years of rich experience in oil & Gas, offshore platform (Utility, Separation & Treatment) compression plant HP/LP/MP, Central Processing Plant (CPP), central degassing station, Steam injection in Oil Reservoir (EOR), Combined Cycle Power plant executed the major capital project from conceptual design to final close out as per client requirement. Specialties include, Involved for development of Pre Commissioning and commissioning plan, strategies, systematic sequence, Schedule, POTP, OTP Procedure, Philosophy, warranty, final documentation & final close out as per contract. Development of System and subsystem definition for various packages and interface coordination, tie in and Interface Register, workshop demonstration with various Asset holder, consortium partner and end user. Planned for Vendor schedule, Client training and manpower mobilization, Commissioning materials and tools Requirement, Performance test for every level of commissioning projects on global basis. Developed the startup operating procedures, IOM, Performance Test, check sheet, Test pack schedule, Punch list management, Completion certificate like MCC, PHSER, PSSR, RFC, RFSU, RFHOC, PAC & FAC Managed with routine monitoring as per technical aspects of plant process during startup & normal operation. Setting up system turn over completion management tool- CMT (win PCS, Petropcs, Opercom & Uniccs). Review of Scope as per contractual, specification & design layout, familiar in DEP & international standards. Final close out for As built, RFI, warranty settled, Punch list liquidated & Project audit (QA, HSE).



Day Rate $500.00

The Average Day Rate payable for this Start Up Commissioning Manager is $500.00 USD per Day. A Standard Contract Working Day is classed as 10 Hours with 1 unpaid Hour for Lunch. Additional allowance is Payable depending on location to cover Accommodation, Transport to and from the work site and Daily Allowance for Food, Beverage and Laundry. To estimate your daily team costs select add this expert to your team. On Completion go to My Completion Team and Complete the Short Inquiry Form and we will do the rest…

Start up Commissioning Manager

National Petroleum Construction Company – NPCC – Commissioning & start-up of offshore super Complex project linked Platforms includes gathering, WHT, separation, gas treatment, disposal, utilities (20MW GT) & accommodation modules. Development of corporate commissioning procedures such as POTP, O&M Manual, Philosophies, OTP, Plan and guidelines supporting the Section Manual such as Commissioning tool (ICAPS). Interface with Design team during FEED and detailed Engineering &explain the priority for early oil. Developed Commissioning plan, Vendor Mobilization plan and Budget allocation for package wise, purchase order placement for tools and tackles, training assignment and Commissioning spares. Responsible commissioning of Inergen, Loop functional checks, startup operation and performance test of the rotating equipment, static equipment, MOL, export unit, Storage tank, 20 MW Gas turbine and its control system, Electrical Switchgear, Transformer, MCC/LV system and Instrument Control system.



Senior Commissioning Engineer

Worley Parsons – EPC for Rumaitha / Shanayel Facilities Phase-III – Senior Commissioning Engineer – Overall responsible for Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning of 3 Numbers of clusters oil production wells, water injection wells, processing utilities, associated Electrical and instrumentation control facilities, pipelines and piping (headers and Flow lines), OHL lines, New 132KV substation and existing substation brown field revamping and load transfer at Bab Central Degassing stations, RDS modification, power network management system, telecom etc.



Commissioning Manager

Energoprojekt Entel LLC – Bab Habshan-1 development project under contract of NPUP project – Abu Dhabi Company for onshore petroleum oil operation Ltd (ADCO) – Commissioning Manager – Overall responsible for 2000 MW combined cycle independent power plant from concept definition to until Hot Commissioning, initial startup operation and Performance test, Scopes covered 5 nos of 250 MW Gas turbine Siemen’s SGT5-400F make, 3 nos STs Fuji make, HRSG, RO plant, instrument air compressors, package utility system, Complete piping Works fuel storage tank for GT, Air and Steam Blowing, Leak Test, Heat Exchanger, Lube oil System, E&I Works such as 20/220KV Step up transformer and its 400KV Substation. Coordination with Field commissioning Engineer during pre-commissioning and Commissioning such as cleaning, leak test, mechanical running test, lube oil system, plant startup sequence, block out start and stop functional checks in auto mode mechanical run test and load test. Responsible for Provision of both management and technical leadership to turnover of the asset from mechanical completion & hot commissioning process to ready for start-up & hand over. Program / schedule development and management, input into the development of frame work execution plans, cold & hot commissioning procedures method statements and work packs with full Process operational and multi discipline input. Management and coordination of vendor for turnover commissioning at site. Support the system based plant turnover by coordinating/ attending walk down and reviewing the contractor Punch list. Support the Project Manager and Commercial Manager in enforcement of contract terms & conditions through interactions with contract executives and site supervisor. Obtain an in depth knowledge of the contracts associated for the review of Variation trend notification. I was Responsible for managing the closing out of any outstanding warranty defects and final handover. Managing and coordination of the Project processes ranging from chairing daily interface meetings with our Consortium Partners & Client, ensuring all QA procedures are implemented.



Head of Commissioning

2000MW IPP Combined cycle power project – Served as Head of Commissioning for Aluminum Rolling and smelter facilities covered with Hot Rolling mills, Cold and foiling mills package, Rotating equipment and static equipment’s etc. Managed with other departments/ agencies to resolve interface problems. Oversees and ensures all Construction activities are completed prior to taking up the system for commissioning and ensure the setting Up safety procedures. Ensure that all safety precautionary requirements and dossiers are followed during Commissioning process. Coordinate with routine monitoring of technical aspects of plant operations, process pre-commissioning, Commissioning, start-up and normal running. Project handled: Sohar Aluminum Rolling Mills (OARS) –SAOC in Oman.




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Commissioning Head

SAFT FZE – UAE, is an Independent Itorage Terminal operator in UAE – Commissioning Head – Complete project commissioning in charge for new storage Terminal Tanking phase-1 with capacity of 350,000C/m, new Jetty in port, in line and tank blending with circulation facility, multi berth facility for receipt of Oil, firefighting system, piping works with rack, loading arms, oil pumping system and its associated E&I works . Responsible for organizing and managing all activities from Project Mechanical Completion to hand over in consultation with the commissioning team and in accordance with the requirements. Work in close liaison with the Project Manager, Asset holder-end user and Contractor towards the approval and implementation of the pre commissioning and commissioning procedures. Managed the various multi discipline commissioning Engineers/ Field operators and DCS Operator provide technical leadership and expertise to facilitate safe, reliable and economical operation of terminals.



Lead Commissioning Engineer

Dodsal Engineering and construction – Lead Commissioning Engineer – Injecting steam into the oil reservoir heats viscous the oil and enhance the oil production from stuck geological formation by application of EOR. Scopes covered steam generation, well manifolds, HRSG and 70MW Gas Turbine (BHEL) , waste water disposal, oil and gas terminals, processing and treatment systems, utility system, Instrument Air Compressor, DCS, SCADA, gas compression, E&I Equipment’s, flare and RO for steam generation. Directed and supervises a team of Commissioning Engineers for commissioning plan, duration for each, Scope of interlinked activities, special tools, procedure and execution of commissioning of process plants and entire responsibility for commissioning, start-up, initial operations, performance test and the handover Phases of the project in conformance with the client’s needs and HSE standards. Developed the commissioning schedules based on the quantum of job and as well as prioritized area of system/subsystem start up sequencing requirements in order to steer smooth commissioning completion. Coordinate with other departments/ agencies to resolve interface problems and ensures all construction activities, sequential readiness are completed prior to taking up the system for smooth Commissioning. Guidance to the commissioning engineers in analyzing the scope as per contract and battery limit as well as ensure the preparation of procedure for systematic sequential pre-commissioning / commissioning / startup. Ensures that all safety and precautionary requirements and procedures are followed during the Commissioning process and involved for mechanical completion / Commissioning dossier for MCC & RFC. Attended commissioning progress review meeting with clients and resolve safety issue with vendor pertaining to equipment. Assisted to mechanical engineer during purging, Hydro test and Preservation

960, 000 m3/h Cooling sea water is supplied to refinery, IPP Power plant, gas processing equipment’s by using technology of once through consumer system in Raslaffan city at Qatar. Responsible for Pre Commissioning, Commissioning, startup operation, 72hrs performance test, maintenance and troubleshooting of 18 No’s of 3.6 kV 7.5MW pump with VSDS System, HCL plant, new 220KV GIS S/S with BCU, SCMS and PMS system controlling from CCR to NCC, 2 no’s of 33kV GIS S/S, 70MVA Power Transformer, Electro chlorination Plant, Tie in & relay revamping of 11KV Switchgear, Analyzer equipment’s and Local Control facility with Emerson Delta –V DCS system. Involved for preparation of pre commissioning and commissioning procedure and switching programme with Isolation / de Isolation for complete Electrical system, mechanical and processing system with lock out tag out, permit system, Pre commissioning and commissioning check list & Test sheet preparation. Obtaining of MCC, FAC, RFC, STQ, startup certificate and project close out preparation. Trouble Shooting Operation and maintenance of various equipment’s such as VSDS, Power Transformer, UPS with Battery Bank, control and relay panel, relay, LV and HV switchgear Breaker, F&G System and MOV, CCV and Instrumentation control equipment’s include finding of Root causes & corrective measures.

Projects handled in Dodsal
A) QarnAlam Steam Project Surface Facilities ( PDO Contract C310903, value is USD 900 million)

B) Common Cooling Sea water CCWP-2 awarded by Qatar petroleum total outlay of USD 1 Billion

2005 – 2006 Petrofac International Limited Sharjah, Electrical Supervisor
Project High lights

QP intended to replace existing flare facilities & bring flaring emissions to compliance with Qatar Environmental to install necessary facilities & maximize gas / liquid hydrocarbon recoveries from flare/Burn at existing NGL. Responsible for preparation of FEED and detailed engineering study such as protection calculation for O/C relay, Breaker failure relay, check sync Relay, distance relay, Transformer and cable differential. Responsible for scheme review for control and relay panel, protection block logic review, Interlock scheme, load flow analysis study, cable sizing, Bus bar sizing and current carrying calculation, earthing calculation. Carried out stability and sensitivity test for Transformer differential and REF stability and Busbar stability. Conversant in international standard such as IEC, IEEE, NFPA and hazardous wise equipment selection.

Project : RAG and Flare mitigation Integrated project at Mesaieed Industrial
Client : Qatar Petroleum and Value is USD 160 million

Commissioning In charge

Petroleum Development Oman LLC (PDO/Shell) – CIVIL CONTRACTING CO (CIVILCO) LLC – Commissioning In charge – Managed design, construction and delivered GE frame E6-70MW gas based Power plant in Oman onshore oil field, with worth of USD 50 million. Also developed scope of work, trend notice issued to client for design, variations/VTC and EOT for potential changes.

Commissioning Engineer

Reliance Limited – Commissioning Engineer – Carried out for pre Commissioning, Functional Operational checks of various pumps prior to sail away, flare Compressor, Gas treatment, Glycol, Chemical Skid, Caused & effect, inergen & Telecom in Gas platform.
§ After sail away carried out Hook up Commissioning, Functional & Performance Test of 20MW Gas turbine & its Utilities of 11KV Switchgear, UCP panel, Subsea cables, Solar panel & Transformer at utility platform.