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The world’s first and only “Fullstream” Company

The merger of Baker Hughes and GE Oil & Gas brought together established competencies in a breadth of disciplines. The newly formed entity is drawing on depth of knowledge and experience to develop subsea trees and control systems that are moving back the boundaries of what is possible in deepwater operations.

Fullstream ahead

Describing itself as the world’s first and only “fullstream” company, Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), has set the goal of enabling smarter ways to produce energy.

According to John Kerr, BHGE vice president and CTO for oilfield equipment, “Fullstream is an offering for delivering solutions from the birth of the well through to decommissioning.” This encompasses “well design and planning, reservoir engineering and completion design, and installation that then connects into the traditional business of oil and gas.”

This approach also considers how the elements that make up a development program contribute to helping operators from concept selection to full-field installation to life-of-field management.

“It introduces different commercial terms, different financial engagement terms and a different mindset of how we engage the end user,” Kerr said, adding that success is apparent in the positive way his company is working with clients.

An example is the award of the Siccar Point Energy (SPE) Cambo Field project northwest of the Shetland Islands in the U.K. North Sea.

Source: HE – Judy Murray has nearly 20 years of experience writing about oil and gas and has worked in both the drilling fluids and seismic sectors of industry.

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