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We know that in every training course some curriculum is deemed little value to every learner, that’s why we work with our client to custom each course specifically to include the most relevant subject matter. Our courses are bespoke and proprietary meaning we decide what can be adapted to meet the clients needs and in many cases can remove modules of little relevance and replace with additional subject matter that adds a greater value to the learners experience.

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Advanced Selling & Business Development Techniques – Two Day Workshop$1,995.00 USDThis short but intensive two day course is a must for those Senior Business Development Executives with the key focus on core fundamentals of selling, developing core selling skills that impacts the way customers buy, identifying the customer preferences and converting them into solutions that customers will see benefit in buying. Download Course Brochure


Aligning Supply Chain Management with Business Development – Two Day Workshop – $1,995.00 USD – This short but intensive two day course is a must for those Supply Chain Managers, Commercial Managers and Senior Business Development Executives bringing together Supply Chain Management and Business Development professionals to develop an understanding of how, by working together, they can accrue the benefits of long term business relationships. Download Course Brochure


Anti-Corruption & Bribery – One Day Workshop – $1200.00 USD – This one day short but intensive insight to raise awareness of anti-bribery laws, company specific policies and bribery risks. This course is focus at all levels of the executive structure from Corporate CEO level down to Contracts, Commercial, Business Development and Supply Chain professionals and great team building opportunity that will enable the company to identify compliance program weaknesses and to obtain important information and feedback from employees and intermediaries on international bribery risks within the organisation. Download Course Brochure


Contract Risk Management – 3 Day Course – $1,995.00 USD – 3 Day Course in Strategic Contract Management, Compliance, Risk, Maximize Value Working With International Oil & Gas Organizations. This course is a must for those Contract Professionals and Companies seeking to build a relationship with an international client base, the course deals with complex ethics and processes that have paved the way for standardisation in European contracting models for Oil and Gas regulation and compliance. The course deals with Achilles and First Point Assessment LOGIC models and how these can be applied into international contractual compliance situations. Download Course Brochure

Deepwater Pipeline Technology – 3 Day Course – $1,995.00 USD – This three day course is targeted at those project engineers and managers who want to gain a fast track insight into the international Deepwater Pipeline industry and some of the challenges in todays industry, providing a comprehensive insight into deepwater subsea pipelines addressing specific concerns for correct materials selection, fabrication and installation requirements, inspection and intervention at depth, flow assurance systems engineering, insulation systems and cost analyses. Download Course Brochure 


Incident, Emergency and Crisis Management – 5 Day Course – $3,995.00 USD – This five day workshop is designed for Senior Executives First Responders and Senior Operations personnel. This course has been developed by one of the industries leading authorities on this matter and has been designed to provide a comprehensive overview and guidance on the establishment of incident and emergency response arrangements which integrate with an organizations governance and risk management arrangements. Download Course Brochure


Essential Project Management Skills – 5 Day Course – $5,995.00 USD This five day workshop is designed for those professionals seeking to move into project management or those who are currently involved in project management roles. This is a hands-on course and uses computer simulation to enable the learner to manage a sample project, gaining first hand experience of the essential tools and techniques of successful project management. Download Course Brochure


Exploration & Production Accounting Level 1 – 3 Day Course – $4,995.00 USD This three day workshop is designed for those accounting and finance professionals new to the world of international Oil and Gas Exploration & Production. This introductory level course provides a comprehensive overview of international accounting and finance practices in the E&P industry. Download Course Brochure


Exploration & Production Accounting Level 2 – 5 Day Course – $5,995.00 This five day workshop is the next step in our Accounting and Finance suite leading to our advanced Course. This course is a natural fit for those accounting and finance professionals who are currently working within this space but require a deeper understanding of the international sector. Split into three main topic headings will raise your knowledge and understanding of E&P finance and accounting through industry-specific examinations of current international practices and developments in financial accounting, joint-venture and production-sharing accounting and budgeting. Download Course Brochure

Exploration & Production Accounting Level 3 – 3 Day Course – $6,995.00 USD – This five day workshop is an advanced level programme designed for accounting and financial personnel who have either completed our level 1/2 courses or existing management want to enhance their analytic and presentational skills. This advanced, highly interactive workshop in which delegates work in small teams to explore and analyse wide ranging financial scenarios based on the realistic, computer based simulation of various international exploration and production activities. Download Course Brochure


Flexible Pipe Engineering Manufacturing Inspection – 3 Day Course – $1,995.00 USD – This three day course is targeted at those project engineers, testing inspection personnel and quality management personnel who want to gain a fast track insight into the international flexible pipe industry. This comprehensive course will provide an in depth understanding of flexible pipe materials, manufacturing techniques, practical offshore and subsea applications, damage mechanisms, flexible pipe inspection methodologies, industry codes and standards. Download Course Brochure


International Oil & Gas Exploration Contracts – 5 Day Course – $5,995.00 USD – This five day course is targeted at those commercial and contracts professionals who want to get a in-depth understanding of the international contracting industry and draws widely on industry case studies and realistic examples to deliver a broad-based, practical introduction to managing oil and gas exploration, development and production contracts. Download Course Brochure


Introduction to Oil & Gas Industry – 2 Day Course – $3,395.oo USA – This two day workshop is a perfect introduction for those wishing to gain a in-depth understanding of the oil and gas industry, a wide-ranging and practical industry overview covers each key phase of the exploration and production industry offering those already working within administration support roles within an oil and gas environment the opportunity to gain a technical and commercial understanding of the industry fundamentals. Download Course Brochure


Master Finance Non Financial Oil & Gas Professionals – 2 Day Course – $2,995.00 USA – This two day workshop is designed for those technical professional who require a better understanding of the commercial and financial aspects of the industry for those personnel who don’t have a financial background to enable them to understand the principles, theory and practice of financial reporting and analysis as they apply to the oil and gas industry. Download Course Brochure


Onshore Pipeline Engineering – 3 Day Course – $1,995.00 USA – This three day course is targeted at those project engineers, testing inspection personnel and quality management personnel who want to gain a fast track insight into the relevant components for onshore pipelines engineering from the outset such as permits and authorisations, pipelines routings, mechanical design, flow assurance requirements, pipeline construction and installation as well as pipeline integrity management requirements in order to deliver high-quality onshore pipeline projects in time and on-budget. Download Course Brochure


Petroleum Engineering for Non Engineers – 4 Day Course – $4,995.00 USD – This four day workshop is a perfect introduction for those wishing to gain a in-depth understanding of the oil and gas industry,  introductory course offers participants a comprehensive understanding of the key technical and commercial aspects of the Oil & Gas industry. The regular use of case study material ensures excellent audience engagement while at the same time reinforcing the key learning outcomes Download Course Brochure


Petroleum Projects Economics & Risk Management – 5 Day Course – $5,995.00 USD – Five day workshop this highly interactive and scenario-based training programme, this course is a must for those Contract Professionals, Economists and Companies seeking to build a relationship with an international client base and will enable your company to apply a structured approach to project justification, investment appraisal and decision-making in the upstream petroleum business. Download Course Brochure



Pipelines Cost Estimating Construction Installation Operations – 3 Day Course – $1,995.00 USD – This Course is essential for those technical piping professionals seeking to work within the pipeline industry. You will develop the necessary skills, up-to-date industry knowledge needed to address the specific requirements for onshore and subsea pipeline construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning, installation and operations. The practical insights provided will enable you to consistently build high performing and reliable pipelines. Download Course Brochure


Subsea Pipeline Engineering – 3 Day Course – $1,995.00 USD – This Course is essential for those technical piping professionals seeking to work within the subsea pipeline industry. The course provides a comprehensive insight into subsea pipelines routing, permits and authorisations, pipeline mechanical design analyses / calculations, materials selection, pipelines construction and installation, linepipe mechanical and corrosion protection systems, pre-commissioning and commissioning practices, pipeline integrity management practices. Download Course Brochure


Tendering – 3 Day Course – $1,995.00 USD –  This three day course is a must for those Supply Chain Managers, Commercial Managers, Proposal Managers and Senior Business Development Executives within a large contracting environment, course details success factors do’s and don’ts within a competitive tendering environment from the eyes of the client in  tendering for large EPC contracts in a language to increase the win factor within the organisation for  Maximizing Value for Oil & Gas Organizations. Download Course Brochure



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